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Want A Green Card? Wait 195 Years!

US visa struggles continue for Indians under Trump government

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UNITED STATES. Washington, DC. US Senator Mike Lee said on Wednesday that the waiting period for any Indian to receive an EB-3 Visa Green card will be 195 years (Press Trust of India (PTI). It applies to anyone entering the backlog today. ‘The American dream’ for many Indians depends on the Green Card, a permanent residency card issued by the US government to immigrants to become a permanent resident.

Story unheard. Abhijeet Singh has been living in New Jersey with her wife Saumya from last 4 years. Abhijeet promoted to a managerial position in project management vertical in a US-based firm. With a 5-year-old and an infant, their aspiration to settle in the US and obtain a Green Card seems like a far-sighted dream. Considering the wait time for securing a Green card, Abhijeet is now bound to forge their path back to India.

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What is EB3 Visa? The EB-3 visa is an employment-based immigrant visa, also referred to as employment third preference visa category. EB-3 visa leads to receiving permanent resident status in the US (Green Card). It applies to skilled workers, unskilled workers, and professionals. The process of obtaining the visa is long and takes years.

Why it’s crucial? The green card is critical for people working on a temporary visa in the US. According to industry reports, more than 800,000 immigrants from across the world are working legally in the United States. The majority of these workers are keen on achieving permanent resident status.

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Under the Trump-led government, several amendments have been made in immigration policies. This has been done with the intent to open up more job opportunities for American citizens. Considering these tightened rules, uncertainty for Indian’s professional life in the US will impact the ability of Indians to become permanent residents.

The alternate route to fulfilling the American dream. As reported by Press Trust of India (PTI), Senator Mike Lee pointed out that a flaw of the current Green Card policy pertains to children of Green Card holders who are deceased.

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Several discussions have been raised about bringing down the waiting period for issuing the resident visa. Meanwhile, the EB-5 visa is said to be gaining popularity. It is widely known as an alternative for achieving permanent resident status in the US. EB5 visa EB-5 visas target business owners and investors and require an investment of $1 million. The investment can be direct or through a regional investment centre for ongoing or upcoming projects.

EB-5 is considered as the most suited path for Indians aspiring to fulfil their American dream. It provides permanent resident status to the entire family, spouse, and qualifying dependents; however, it also requires that the applicant has the resources to invest a substantial amount of money.


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