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White House Gives Little Importance to Biden-Netanyahu Public Spat

Kirby affirmed that Biden and Netanyahu have been friends for almost four decades

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES/ISRAEL: The White House has given very little attention to the visible tensions between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, considering the week’s public disagreement.

Both Biden and Netanyahu, as affirmed by John Kirby on Wednesday, have been “friends” for almost four decades. The US is Israel’s number-one diplomatic defender.

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Kirby reported, “You may not always concur with what your friend says or does. And the best part of having a close friendship is being able to be that open with one another.”

Plans emanating from Netanyahu’s right-wing government to rebuild Israel’s judiciary were disagreed with by the US President just a day before. This gesture, as per the opponents, would restrict the Israeli court’s supervision over the government and shake Israel’s democracy.

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Nationwide protests have already raged in Israel concerning the plan, and Netanyahu had to postpone the judicial alteration to Monday due to the mass protests. A lot of Jewish organisations in the United States whose interests have been aligned with Israel have also criticised the plan.

Joe Biden mentioned on Tuesday, “I’m extremely worried, just like many ardent supporters of Israel. And I worry that they won’t understand this correctly. They are unable to go on in this way.”

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“And I think I’ve made that pretty apparent. We can only hope that the prime minister will respond in a way that suggests he is serious about seeking a genuine solution. But that is still up in the air,” he added.

Netanyahu immediately responded in a series of tweets, calling the US-Israeli partnership “unbreakable”. He said, “Israel is a sovereign nation that bases its choices on the will of its citizens rather than external coercion, even from its closest allies.”

Big human rights organisations like Amnesty International have been inflicted with apartheid by Israel, which receives a minimum of $3.8 billion in US military aid every year.

Washington’s commitment to Israel is reinforced despite statements previously issued by the Biden Administration against domestic policies incorporated by Netanyahu.

Vedant Patel, US Department of State spokesperson, said earlier this week, “We continue to support Israel’s security, and our commitment to Israel’s security and democracy continues to remain ironclad.”

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