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Why An ‘Overflow’ of Bad News Less Helps Good Governance

Kenya isn't as different as the rest of the world with the common flow of ‘bad news happening’

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Kenya – The year has been rough, We can all agree on that. Kenya isn’t as different as the rest of the world with the common flow of ‘bad news happening’. The early parts of the year had us shocked by the sudden invasion of Locusts. The insects were said to be traveling across the Horn of Africa. Quite common, our measures to combat natural disasters was put to test. The locusts caused a lot of uneasiness among the country’s citizen, and just when everyone was trying to get interested in finding the solution to that, boom, a new pandemic hits the country once again. Corona Virus! All of a sudden glances changed and everyone brought in their attention to the foreign disease, as little was known about it.

13th March 2020, will forever be remembered in our hearts. The day in which we all received the first Corona Virus confirmed case in the country. Three months later and still we succumb to the Frightening diseases. With reports of 12 June 2020, there are 3215 confirmed Corona Virus cases with the number of recoveries at 1,092 and fatalities recorded at 92. Well, compared to the other countries in the world, Coronavirus numbers are low, though, is that something to be proud of, as a country?

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When we all look at the implementation of laws and justice, that’s when we as citizens should be proud of The country. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the President of Kenya initiated dawn to dusk Curfew that was supposed to help fight and reduce the spread of the virus. During this time, we all witnessed police brutality. Instances when Police beat citizens who were found in the outside, past the curfew time. The event is guilty of a certain number of deaths and pain caused to several Kenyans, something which is quite opposite to the Police objective which is to ‘Maintain law and order‘.

A few weeks ago, ( First week of June ) there was a row between the Chief Justice of Kenya and the President of The country. It is alleged that the Two had a misunderstanding on ‘failure of duty’ The Chief Justice held a press briefing and claimed that The Commander of Chief was not obeying orders given by the court. He later said that it Is the responsibility of the President to obey the law of the constitution as it is expected of every citizen of the country..’ No one is above the law’ goes the saying. Just days later, we have had one of the Kenyan Governors being impeached on grounds of abuse of power and mismanagement of County Funds. The governor will know her fate when the senate gives the case a hearing to know whether she will remain in power or bow off.

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There has been quite a flow of bad governance news to an extent where the citizens do not expect anything good to come out of it. Instances like this, bring development such a rare topic to even think about. All of a sudden, we all have ‘accepted’ that we are indeed ‘faulty’ and somehow the efforts to look for a clean government do not excite us anymore. In layman’s language ‘This is Kenya’. I read an anonymous text which said ‘ Africa is not poor, because it has fewer resources. But it is, because of mismanagement and bad governance!’ Never been more precise!

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