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Xi Jinping to Build Military ‘Great Wall of Steel’ amid Western Unrest

Xi called for China to step up its ability to safeguard national security and manage public security

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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CHINA: On Monday, Xi Jinping made promises to uplift China’s security and concretize the military into a ‘great wall of steel’ to protect the country’s interests with its vulnerable relations with the West going down the ladder.

Jinping’s speech in front of almost 3,000 delegates of the National People’s Congress, which came close to China’s rubber-stamped parliamentary session, won him the historic third term as president. Jinping said that he was willing to make efforts to “build the military into a great wall of steel that effectively safeguards national sovereignty, security, and our development interests”, adding that “safety is the foundation of development, and stability is the prerequisite for prosperity”.

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The Chinese President’s concerns arise because of the present tense ties with the West. Sovereignty over Taiwan has become Beijing’s major claim, which the Chinese government has mentioned that it would take by coercion. Jinping stated that he “resolutely opposed external interference and Taiwan independence separatist activities.”

Geopolitical tensions and a property crisis at home that hasn’t been solved yet put more pressure on the Chinese government to create some kind of stability. Jinping’s close associate, He Lifeng, was given the role of head of the state planning agency by the vice premier.

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Xi mentioned in front of the delegates, “With the founding of the Communist Party of China and after a century of struggle, our national humiliation has been erased, and the Chinese people have become the masters of their own destiny. The Chinese nation’s great revival is on an irreversible path.”

After Jinping makes important changes to China’s financial system, the long meeting that took place in Beijing for about a week will end on Monday. To show their potency and strength in the field of science and technology, the science and technology ministry was asked for efficient research techniques and strategies.

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