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Yin Yang: The Ancient Insignia Of Equilibrium

Yin Yang teaches us that the two polar opposites - irrespective of the differences - can thrive together in harmony

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INDIA: Yin and Yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be interconnected in the natural world. The roots of this come from Taoism, a religion born in China. The Yin is the dark swirl whereas, the white one is Yang.

Moreover, each side has a dot of the opposite color, which works as an inkling to the meaning of Yin Yang.

The essence of Yin Yang

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The Yin Yang depicts two opposite forces but this shouldn’t be confused with the ideas of conflict. It rather teaches us that the two polar opposites – irrespective of the differences – can thrive together in harmony. When Yin and Yang work together in harmony, the resonance of the Tao is seen.

In western culture, conversely, it is talked about good versus evil, life against death, the light versus the dark. This language, henceforth, creates the idea that we should get rid of the dark and cultivate the light.

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But in Taoism, this concept is believed as deranged much like a magnet without both positive and negative poles. By the same token, the two different aspects belong to the same system so getting rid of one necessarily means getting rid of the system.

The interaction between Yin and Yang is the archetype for all relationships. Furthermore, they are such principal forms of energy, that they bring the infinitely incomprehensible down to a finite understanding.

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Nature appears to be waves, in essence, everything we experience is tuned into frequency. For us to experience something we must experience it frequently enough for us to notice. That means we have to experience something and also its absence for us to actually experience it.

The Yin and Yang is based on a simple philosophy that one can only be aware of something by contrast. So, when a person is feeling anxious, he can realize that this anxiety can only exist against a background of peace, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to notice it. Likewise, akin to the silence beneath sound, peace beneath fear subsist.

“The power to find balance is within you” – implication and the purpose learned from the Yin Yang philosophy.


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