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5 Iconic Must-visit Places in Europe in 2023 

Here is a summary of the top countries to travel based on their popularity, scenery, and tourist attractions

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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EUROPE: Europe has a plethora of places one can visit throughout the year. From the stretches of Germany to Italy, with the beautiful strings of museums, restaurants, clubs, scenery, and architecture, the best vacation destinations in Europe promise an unsurmountable time alone, with friends, or with your partner.

However, choosing one country from this continent of 44 for the next trip can be extremely difficult. Here is a summary of the top countries to travel based on their popularity, scenery, and tourist attractions.

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The European country that has enraptured the minds of tourists is evident even in certain romantic films that have used the romantic background of Paris as their setting. This place is replete with glorious museums, monuments, and churches. One can visit the Eiffel Tower, talk through the exhibits of the Louvre, and wander through the flowers at Luxembourg Gardens. The most scrumptious croissants dipped in hot chocolate are a heavenly delight. Nights should be best with an elegant dinner at a fancy restaurant and a bottle of red wine.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/TheDigitalArtist


Italy’s favourite destination for all the right reasons, Italian delicacy, and architectural marvels cannot be missed. The capital of Italy houses fine museums and chapels, and the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain cannot be missed. Some of the important chapels to visit are St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

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Colosseum. Photo Credit: Pixabay/user32212


Europe’s Barcelona has both different kinds of architecture and beautiful beaches, which makes it more appealing to tourists who like one or the other or both. Antoni Gaudi’s Park Guell and Basilica de la Sagrada Familia are the most spellbinding places in this country. If you want to experience the thrill of medieval and gothic-style architecture, then Palau de la Musica Catalana is one of the places that gives off that vibe.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/Joquain Aronoua

If you wish for a more serene experience at one of the quiet beaches, you can sit by the La Barceloneta beach munching the local tapas or drinking sangria from a fancy glass at Las Ramblas. 

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Amsterdam has become quite famous for its quaint coffee shops. Biking is the most popular activity here among the tourists, as they love to bike along the narrow alleyways through the most desolate corners of the place, especially at dusk, which gives the place its most spectacular hue and aura. 

Some of the important museums in this place are the Van Gogh Museum, the Dutch Resistance Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, and the Anne Frank House. An ideal way to enjoy one’s time in this dreamy place is to simply visit the Voldelpark and sit there, maybe plan a picnic for lunch or choose a boat tour by the side of the city’s main canals. 

Van Gogh Museum. Photo Credit: Pixabay/alendelacruz4


Germany’s capital, with its jolly nightclub scenes, and historic places, provides tourists with an experience of a lifetime. Some of the most important places to visit in this iconic place are the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, Brandenburg Gate, Topography of Terror, and Checkpoint Charlie Museum. This place is both artistic and has some famous delicacies like the currywurst, a local dish that has attained international fame.

Brandenburg Gate. Photo Credit: Pixabay/Ann Buht

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