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Polls Reveal Unification Less Promising Amid Chinese Military Drills

55% of the respondents said that Taiwan's reunification with mainland China was even "less attractive" after China's unexpected military operations near the Taiwan border

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CHINA/TAIWAN: While tensions with China remain very much persistent, a new poll in Taiwan has revealed over 52 per cent of Taiwanese adults welcomed US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taipei over American support for the island nation’s sovereignty.

Pelosi’s much controversial visit triggered China who subsequently conducted military drills near Taiwan as the PLA fired ballistic missiles over the island nation. The poll also discovered that a majority of 78 per cent of respondents were “not afraid” of China’s military drills.

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Moreover, 55 per cent of the respondents said that Taiwan’s reunification with mainland China was even “less attractive” after China’s unexpected military operations near the Taiwan border, while an overwhelming proportion of 86 per cent of people as opposed to Beijing’s ‘One-China’ Policy.

The controversial ‘One-China’ Policy entails that the island-nation of Taiwan is seen as a part of mainland China, an opinion consistently maintained by China.

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While Taiwan has made several attempts to fortify its sovereignty as a separate, individual and free nation, China condemns its sovereignty and tries its level best to destabilise it and bring it under Chinese control.

The study also revealed that 62 per cent of the people rejected the idea of Taiwan refraining from pursuing “international status” so as not to irk China any longer. Additionally, at least 39 per cent of Taiwanese citizens feel that a war with China is imminent, ranging from “very likely” or “somewhat likely” while a majority of 53 per cent believe it is “not very likely” or “totally unlikely”. About 42 per cent feel confident about their military, while 32% felt not so much, the study suggested.

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Taiwanese people also pitched in about their opinion on US interference in the likelihood of a looming war with China. About 47 per cent admitted that they believe the US will not send military troops to Taiwan while 44.1 per cent believe that POTUS Joe Biden will deliver on his promise of achieving sovereignty for Taiwan and send military aid.

Amidst such tensions and opinion polls, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s track record does not seem to be doing much well as her approval rating stands at 45.7 per cent while 40.8 per cent of people expressed their disappointment with the nation’s leadership.

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