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An Indian Who Surpassed Dimensions Of Creativity Through His Writings

A journey from corporate world into creative writings establishing himself as an author, thereby charting a different roadmap

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INDIA: A multifaceted Nilesh Chogle, at 62 is an inspiring creative personality. Hailing from a middle-class family with humble beginnings, Nilesh worked his way onto the corporate ladder with sincerity and dedication and had his tryst with destiny. 

One day, it turned out to be the end of a journey as a corporate person. He called it a day only to see light at the end of the tunnel.

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He envisaged his creative side and used in the next innings after retirement at 56; a passion for creative writings and paintings.

Delving into creative writings and publishing a debut novel

In a harried society, one needs peace of mind for a creative person to begin a new career, which was instantly satisfying, with reasonable financial rewards for the effort that was put into the making of creative work. 

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Nilesh began his journey without knowing much about creative writings. He told Transcontinental Times, “I was passionate in learning the craft. I embarked on a learning journey by watching various videos on creative writings, publishing, and methods of promotion of creative works. The internet came in handy with a google search of YouTube videos which was my destination to find the answers.” 

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It was a journey of hope, as he ended up searching many different things about creative writings. Finding methods of writing stories from self-publishing to traditional publishings to hybrid publishing. 

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When the time is ripe the road gets cleared of all obstacles

During 2015, a mysterious thing happened. A crowdsourced competition began, where hundreds of thousands of entries for a short story contest was invited by a leading publication. 

“In 2015, along with penning down my first book, I also began writing for the competition. Having failed miserably in getting selected in the competition, I didn’t lose hope but became resilient in charting a road map towards becoming a published writer. During that time many Indian writers tried this model. I merely copied their models,” he said.

My debut novel, “Together With You Forever,” when published in Sept. 2015 itself brought me hope and a way forward in my writing journey,” he told Transcontinental Times. 

The Love, Romance novel was both contemporary and contemplative as it touched upon Amnesia & Dementia, Alzheimer’s syndrome(about forgetfulness), the much talked about new dangers to mankind’s list of disorders. This topic was not dealt with by many Indian novelists. That’s, what, he’d thought, and would have had been a new topic perhaps in India. The novel was later translated in Hindi, as “Tera Saath Rahe,” in Jan 2017.

A journey towards Passion Fruits

He went ahead to pen down one more English book Passion Fruits: A Bundle Of Short Fiction,” in Oct.2018. The novella is a book of creative short stories published by Blue Rose Publishers, Delhi. The novella would be showcased at the upcoming Virtual New Delhi World Book Fair (Pragati Maidan),2021 New Delhi through the online platform from Feb 12 to Feb 15.

Passion Fruits are an intimate collection of short stories. These are stories crafted in varying tones reflecting the emotions of love, doubt, deception, mystery, passion, desperation, and fear. Daunting and fearless; stories that would touch one’s heart.

“The novella had a story of its own since it has come out of my journey as a crowdsourced writer. The novella is moderation of all my stories of 2015 and marks a beginning of a short stories book by me after my tryst with novels,” he said.

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Venturing into a new genre

“My next venture would certainly be in a different genre,” he told Transcontinental Times.

He is contemplating entering into a genre of psychological thrillers and has attempted some groundwork in this direction. 


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