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Assailants Attack Chinese Nationals Hotel in Kabul, 3 Gunmen Killed 

The attack came a day after China's ambassador held a meeting with the Afghan deputy foreign minister

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AFGHANISTAN: In a recent development, Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul witnessed loud explosions and gunfire in Shahr-e-naw area, which is the prime commercial area popular with Chinese nationals. 

The attack came a day after China’s ambassador held a meeting with the Afghan deputy foreign minister to discuss some crucial security-related matters and dragged their attention to the security of its embassy. 

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As per reports, three anonymous attackers were killed by security forces, and gunshots were made, resulting in a massive breakout and explosion in the multi-storey Kabul Longan Hotel.

 In the early past, bombing and shooting attacks have taken place in Afghanistan, some of which have been claimed by Islamic State militants. Meanwhile, a Kabul police spokesman talking about the attack said, “mischievous elements, Security forces have reached the area, and the clearance of the raiders is underway.”

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Video of the incident is surfacing all over the internet, which shows helicopters making rounds near the hotel. Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban government’s spokesman, confirmed, “three gunmen were shot down, but the attack, which lasted several hours, injured two foreign guests who jumped out of the windows to save themselves.”

Meanwhile, Khalid Zadran, spokesman for the Kabul police chief, said that the ‘clean-up’ operation is underway. Moreover, a resident of the Shar-e Naw neighborhood, on the condition of anonymity, said that a gun battle is still going on.” 

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No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the incident yet. However, Islamic State- Khorasan Province (ISKP) is suspected to have carried out the attack. According to reports, The Chinese embassy is closely investigating the development regarding the blast. Whereas the Taliban has control over the area where the attack occurred, the higher authorities still keep the vivid information about the incident under wraps.

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