Astrology: A Dimension Through The Study Of Houses (Bhavas) (Part III)

This article intends to educate the common person, about the basic comprehension of the subject before approaching a practicing Jyotishi

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Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA: A layman finds it difficult when he/she sees a Vedic astrologer (a Jyotishi, practitioner of the science of light). In Sanskrit, Vedas means “Knowledge, insight, sacred writings.” The reference to astrology, out of the four Vedas, (Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva), finds its roots in the “Riga-Vedas, several years ago in the BCE”. It is a well-documented scientific exploration and is passed on as a guru-shisha-parampara (From teacher to student), from time immemorial. The houses in astrology are coincidentally similar to a clock.

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The idea of houses (Bhavas) and their Signs 

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When an astrologer identifies a particular degree at the time of the birth of the native, at a certain point or on an event in time, out of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, one is the rising sign prominently on the Eastern horizon.

The astrologer records, the rising sign, and places it in the 1st House, and defines it as ‘an ascendant, which means Janma-Lagna House’. The recording of the time of birth and the place where the native is born, also decides, the ascendant sign, based on the latitude and longitude of the Earth’s matrix. E.g., Aries(Mesha) is recorded as “ Lagna-ascendant.” (This will be denoted as No.1-Further houses written anti-clockwise in the descending order, as in the North Indian Style).

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The ascendant is the ‘Person’: his character, personality, height, weight, dimensions, which get well defined with accuracy, and builds depending on the sign-in this house, and does not change in the course of his/her entire lifespan. However, this does not mean his moon sign/ Rashi is Aries(Mesha). It denotes the person what he could be at birth and later in life.

The Houses are elaborated below:-

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4.Home or happiness-(Sukhastan)



7.Marriage-(husband or wife) (depending on whose horoscope is seen by the astrologer)



10.Business, profession, and honor-Occupation-(Karmasthan)


12.Secret Enemies-(Vyayasthan)

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A lot more aspects are seen from each house. For brevity’s sake, these classifications are made to understand, when the astrologer looks into the horoscope and decides certain aspects of the individual. The idea of elucidating and elaborating these houses is merely to make a native aware that he/she gets a lay understanding of astrology.

This article intends to educate the common person, about the basic comprehension of the subject before approaching a practicing astrologer or Jyotishi.

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