Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Science of the Solar System

Astrology: A Perspective Of The Benefic And Malefic Bhavas (Part V)

INDIA: The classification of houses have already been enumerated in earlier articles. Here an exercise of enumerating the importance of every Bhava (House) from the...

Astrology: The Sun Signs (Rashi), Their Lordships, And Trikonas (Part IV)

INDIA. Mumbai: In the last article, it is observed that when a native's horoscope is being studied by a practicing astrologer(Jyotishi), one finds that he...

Astrology: A Dimension Through The Study Of Houses (Bhavas) (Part III)

INDIA: A layman finds it difficult when he/she sees a Vedic astrologer (a Jyotishi, practitioner of the science of light). In Sanskrit, Vedas means “Knowledge,...

Astrology: A Perspective From Nakshatras (Asterisms) (Part II)

INDIA: The universe is home to around 100 million stars and the colony/group of stars is referred to as a Nakshatra (Asterism). Nakshatra is...

Astrology: A Science Of Celestial Bodies For Future Prediction Of Events (Part I)

INDIA: Astrology is a systematic study of celestial bodies to ascertain the characteristics, personalities, and traits of individuals. There are many passionate believers who feel...

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