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Astrology: The Sun Signs (Rashi), Their Lordships, And Trikonas (Part IV)

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA. Mumbai: In the last article, it is observed that when a native’s horoscope is being studied by a practicing astrologer(Jyotishi), one finds that he or she gives enormous importance to the Ascendant house and its prominent Sun sign (Janma-Lagna Bhava). 

Introduction to Sun Signs (Rashi)

The ascendant house is the 1st house from which all other houses would get their numbers or the Sun signs (Rashis), and in Northern horoscope charting, it goes anticlockwise. This brings us to the introduction of the Rashis and their respective planetary Lords.

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1.Aeris(Mesha), 2.Taurus(Vrushabha), 3.Gemini(Mithun)

4.Cancer(Karka), 5.Leo(Simha), 6.Virgo(Kanya)

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7.Libra(Tula),8.Scorpio(Vrushchik), 9.Sagittarius(Dhanu)

10.Capricorn(Makar),11.Aquarius(Kumbha), 12.Pieces(Meen)

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One has to elaborately understand the Rashi Lords, in other words, the Planetary Lords which govern each Rashis or Sun signs.

Planetary Lords of the Sun signs

1.Mars (Mangal or Kuja), 2.Venus (Shukra), 3.Mercury (Budha)

4.Moon (Chandra), 5.Sun (Ravi or Surya), 6.Mercury (Budha)

7.Venus (Shukra), 8.Mars (Mangal or Kuja), 9. Jupiter (Guru or Brahaspati)

10.Saturn(Shani), 11.Saturn(Shani), 12.Jupiter(Guru or Bhrahaspati).

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One would observe that there are some Sun signs(Rashis) that have two identical planets as their respective Lords.

Aeris and Scorpio(Mars), Taurus and Libra(Venus), Gemini and Virgo(Mercury), Sagittarius and Pieces (Jupiter), Capricorn and Aquarius(Saturn).

However, Cancer(Moon) and Leo(Sun) are independent, with planets not occupying any other Sun signs. Hence all the 12 Sun signs with their respective Lords appear in the horoscope.

We have still not touched upon the study of planets, hence we limit the understanding to the Sun Signs and their respective lordships.

The 12 Houses of Vedic horoscope.
The 12 Houses of Vedic horoscope “The Self,” being the 1st House and anti-clockwise,”Immediate family & accumulated wealth,” being the 2nd, till one reaches the 12th House “Moksha”

The Concept of Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha Trikona (Triangles) elucidated

  1. Dharma: 1,5, and 9th houses from the ascendant are sun signs which have a “Fire” element. This forms a Dharma Trikona (Righteous Triangle or moral values) in Vedic astrology and these are powerful signs, with a Kshatriya varna (warrior nature). They are called the Kona Stanas or the Tri-Trik Sthan.
  2. Artha: 2,6,10 houses from the ascendant are sun signs which have an “Earth” element. These form an Artha Trikona (Wealth Triangle or prosperity, economic values). These have vaisya varna (commoner or merchant nature).
  3. Kama: 3,7,11 houses from the ascendant have an “Air” element. These form the Kama Trikona ( Pleasure Trikona or psychological values). These have shudra varna (service nature).
  4. Moksha: 4,8,12 houses from the ascendant are sun signs which have a “water” element. These form the Moksha Trikona ( Spiritual, Liberation ). These have vipra or Brahmin varna (priest nature).

The Vedas have classified the Puruhsharthas, meaning “the Object of human pursuit.” In Vedic society, the society was ordained with the duties as per each varna, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudras. Each of nature is ordained a definitive duty, merely for the division of labor.

This article intends to educate and gives a basic understanding of Vedic-astrology before approaching a practicing astrologer for reading the natives horoscope.

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