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Avatar 2 Trailer is a Revisit to James Cameron’s Visual Magic

Avatar (2009) was re-released globally in theatres on September 23, 2022

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: James Cameron’s much-awaited Avatar: The Way of Water bagged the second trailer. The short glimpse of the upcoming Avatar 2 literally teleports us to the visual spectacle world of Pandora. Given the trailer’s release, the excitement level for the film doubles. 

James Cameron’s directorial Avatar 2 stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, and Kate Winslet in lead roles. In addition to joining the director’s chair, Cameron also bankrolled the epic sci-fi feature under the production banner of Lightstorm Entertainment. 

Avatar 2 trailer is officially out

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Avatar’s official Twitter handle shared the trailer on Twitter, YouTube, and multiple social media platforms. The tweet read, “On December 16, return to Pandora. Watch the brand-new trailer and experience #AvatarTheWayOfWater in 3D.”

Avatar 2 trailer gives us a brief glimpse of the upcoming film. The video opens with Jake and Neytiri’s children diving in the sea. The underwater shot showers every detail Cameron has crafted to make the world of Pandora more realistic than the first one. Thanks to the newly developed underwater motion capture technology crafted specifically for this epic sci-fi feature which breathes life into every scene. 

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The trailer elevates with Simon Franglen’s mesmerizing music, which adds volume to the world of Pandora. Following the soothing background score, we get a glimpse of Jake training his daughter in hunting. The clip showcases the jungle, this time with double the realism and vibrant essence. 

Reacting to Avatar 2 trailer, fans expressed their excitement. One fan added, “Experience the magic of cinema like never before.” “Thirteen years of waiting for the feast and finally December 16th nearing, an absolute visual wonder,” wrote the other fan. 

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Recently Avatar (2009) was re-released globally in theatres on September 23, 2022. The sci-fi epic created a tsunami at the box office despite its re-release, which confirms James Cameron’s magic continues in global cinema. 

The film also encased a post-credit scene that included a short clip of Avatar: The Way of Water. The additional footage at the end of the film left huge questions in our minds that will be finally answered with the release of Avatar 2 on December 16, 2022.

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