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Award Winning Author Jasmina Siderovski Talks about Power of Humanitarian Efforts 

Jasmina highlights the power of an individual's potential to make bigger positive alterations in life

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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AUSTRALIA: In an exclusive interview with TCT, Award Winning Author and Philanthropist Jasmina Siderovski talk about her inspirations, goals, ideals, and philanthropy’s magic. Jasmina believes in the power of an individual’s potential to make bigger positive alterations in life. Anyone and everyone can make a positive impact, irrespective of their background. This is the one inspiration she gets in her professional and personal life. 

Jasmina shed light on the role of CEO, author and editor

Jasmina’s work associated with eYs Global and its subsidiaries has given her exposure to staying connected with people belonging to different segments of life who avidly want to make a difference with respect to the articles that eYs Magazine provides or through the eYs SDGs World Council initiatives. She stated, “The dedication and commitment of my team and our partners constantly inspire me.” 

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Jasmina has been a staunch humanitarian while gaining inspiration from those underprivileged people in life. She has been associated with many non-profit organisations by taking place in the team as she aspires to do everything that would make the world “a better place.”

Jasmina said, “Overall, I hope that my story and my work inspire others to pursue their dreams, work hard, and make a positive impact on the world.” 

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Through Jasmina’s stance and work, she invariably wished to impact the world positively. eYs Global and her philanthropic ideals have given her a whole new perspective in life as she is motivated to influence change and provide for others’ lives. Innovation, boldness and creativity are some of the significant traits that can make a lot of difference in life.

What motivates me to do something different in life, and that resulted in her founding eYs Global, is the realisation that we can’t simply rely on the status quo to solve the problems of our world,” Jasmina mentioned.

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Through eYs Global and its subsidiaries, Jasmina aims to inspire and empower people to achieve whatever they wish. The magazine deems fit to implement talented voices from different backgrounds, and sections in life, to build a community that would interact and create efficient ways of innovation to drive changes.

She also wishes to do something different in life, as through her humanitarian work providing new opportunities, she has been receiving fresh ideas to make “a real difference in the world.” She said, “These experiences inspire me to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and always seek out new ways to create change.” 

Jasmina concedes how life can sometimes get more daunting with challenges in the professional life that often delimits the joy of experiencing certain things in the personal life. She agrees that she has “a lot on her plate” being a CEO, author, editor and humanitarian.

Importance of work-life balance and optimism

She opines that work-life balance, though an “ongoing process,” is nonetheless imperative to sustain a successful life and that certain “strategies” that she has been incorporating in her life have provided her with sparkling possibilities for gaining new perspectives. The first strategy is that she has been prioritising the most important things by setting important “boundaries” so that she can focus on herself and the “things that really matter”

She also creates time to adhere to herself, self-care, and have a stress-free time. She highlighted, “Whether it’s going for a run, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family, taking breaks from work is essential for my mental and emotional well-being.” She also endeavours to implement her motifs and interests into her work.

She elucidates through an example, “For example, I love writing and editing, so working on eYs Magazine and other publishing projects doesn’t feel like work to me – it’s something I’m genuinely passionate about.” 

Obstacles have been hard-deterring factors in Jasmina’s life that have made her impatient quite often. With time, She motivated herself to accomplish her dreams despite all the impediments in life. She mentioned that her husband has motivated her by teaching her the “importance of hard work, perseverance” and has ignited in her the power of never giving up. “Despite facing many challenges in his own life, he remained positive, optimistic, and focused on her goals, which has been a constant source of inspiration for me,” she mentioned. 

Some of the strategies that have aided her in combating these difficult moments in life are having an optimistic outlook on life by concentrating on the chance that comes with these impediments. She said, “While it’s natural to feel discouraged or frustrated when things don’t go as planned, I try to view setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.” 

Having a support system is also essential when she mentions how her friends, family and colleagues have been by her side. “Having a strong network of people who believe in me and my goals has been invaluable in helping me stay motivated and focused during difficult times,” she added. She stated that having fixed goals in mind creates many opportunities, and one has to remind themselves of the grander possibility of things working out. 

In her address to the readers, she mentioned that no one should be scared of fulfilling their goals. “While it can be daunting to step outside of your comfort zone and chart a new path in life, it’s important to remember that taking risks and pursuing your passions is essential for personal growth and fulfilment,” she stated. 

“My advice is to start by identifying your passion, whether it’s a particular career path, a cause or mission, or a creative endeavour. Once you’ve identified your passion, start taking steps to pursue it, even if they’re small at first. This could mean networking with like-minded individuals, seeking out mentors, or simply dedicating time and energy to honing your skills,” she added. 

She said, “Accepting the unknown is important because sometimes, the most unexpected paths can lead to the greatest rewards.” She inferred, “Remember that every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow, and persistence and determination are key to achieving your goals.” 

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