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‘Barbie’ Goes Musical: Dua Lipa’s New Single Announcement Bewitches Fans

The new Dua Lipa song for the Barbie movie will also star the pop singer

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: The pop star Dua Lipa announced on Instagram on Monday, May 22, that “Dance The Night,” the song she wrote for the upcoming movie Barbie, will be released on various platforms later that week. In recent years, Dua Lipa hasn’t released a new single as a solo artist.

Dua Lipa posted on her social media handle, in addition to a mini teaser, “This Barbie has a song coming this week… FRIDAY MIDNIGHT BST.” Dua impersonates actress Margot Robbie’s introduction to the world as Barbie in the video by stepping out of her heels and standing on her tiptoes.

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Dua Lipa joins the frame wearing frilly, pink heels. The very next track’s disco strings start to spin around in a snappy tune as she blows a kiss to the camera. Dua sings in the clip, “Just come along for the ride.” 

Dua’s first new solo single since 2020’s Future Nostalgia, which spotlighted hits like “Levitating” and “Don’t Start Now,” will be released on Friday, May 26.

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The song is for the Barbie movie, in which Dua will also star. She started working on songs like the sugary “Sweetest Pie” with Megan thee Stallion and the summertime jam “Potion” with Calvin Harris and Young Thug last year. 

She highlighted to a newspaper in 2022 during her subtle introduction to new music and an album in various other interviews, “It’s taken a complete turn as I’ve carried on working, and I really feel now that it’s starting to sound cohesive.”

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She stated that she intends to continue writing in the early months of the new year and see where it takes her. She added that the album is different, and it’s still pop, but the sound is different, and there’s more of a lyrical concept.

“Everything would make sense if I told you the title, but I believe we’ll just have to wait,” she concluded. 

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