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Belgium Shocked After Alysson Jadin Took Her Life Amid COVID-19

A small business owner epitomizes the financial crisis facing non-essential workers in the pandemic

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BELGIUM. Liège: On Monday, 16 Nov., Alysson Jadin, age 24, was found dead after an apparent act of suicide. She left no written explanation and her death has become a symbol of the distress non-essential workers have suffered during the pandemic.

Jadin had spoken about her economic struggles a few days before taking her own life. Her case has become clear proof of the hardship many non-essential workers have faced in Belgium, especially after the first Minister Alexandre De Croo announced a more severe lockdown on 30 Oct. that would to begin on 2 Nov. The more stringent measures affected mainly those in non-essential industries.

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The struggles non-essential workers face every day to survive

In an interview with local media, which can be seen on YouTube, Jadin talked about her struggles. She said she could not close her small business because due to pride, one cannot create something and then let it go away. On the other hand, she opened up and spoke about her financial hardship. She invested her savings to open her own business. Unfortunately, like many, she was not ready for COVID-19.

Although the government offered financial help to some businesses, Jadin said that in her case, she was not eligible.

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A symbol of the dire situation facing independent workers

In a report in RTL INFO, Serge Schoondroodt, a friend of Jadin, spoke not only about the qualities and dreams she had, but also about how the lockdown affected her means of subsistence. He also pointed out how much Jadin struggled to make ends meet every month since her bills kept coming.

Jadin’s tragedy moved many people. Around 150 people decided to join in front of her salon to pay tribute to her memory on 19 Nov. in Liège.

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