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Violence Break out in Bengal During Ram Navami Celebration

1 killed, others injured in Dalkhola and Howrah also witnessed violence

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INDIA: West Bengal’s Dalkhola city witnessed a strong clash between two communities during Ram Navami procession, resulting in the torching of vehicles and several injuries. In a recent update, a youth’s death was confirmed in the clash.

Simultaneously, a similar clash was reported in Bengal’s Howrah district. According to the organisers, the procession was passing through the Kazipara locality when a group of people unanimously attacked and started throwing glass bottles, pelting stones, and bricks in the procession.

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Meanwhile, a heavy police force was deployed at the location to prevent any accidents and casualties. Vehicles were torched in Shibpur as well during a Ram Navami procession.

Looking into the seriousness of the problem, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee said, “We won’t accept any justification from those who engage in rioting or carry out assaults. I’ll urge the police to take action against anyone involved in riots or a conspiracy, as well as anyone who allowed them to access the area.”

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Adding more to her statement, CM said, “Everybody must be alert in their localities. I have consistently stated that I will not obstruct any Ram Navami procession and have instructed both my party workers and the police. While one group celebrates Annapurna Puja, another fasts during Ramzan.”

Besides this, police sources revealed that “several shops and vehicles, including police vans, were damaged, and police had to resort to the firing of tear gas to disperse the mob. Extra police also had to be deployed to tackle the situation.”

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However, this is not the first time the situation has erupted; back in 2022, two incidents were reported in a similar case of violence during the Ram Navami celebration. It happened in Bengal’s Howrah and Bankura, which led to the injuries of 20 people, including six police personnel.

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