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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Biden Appoints Two Indian-Americans for US Advisory Committee

The Committee includes up to 45 members recommended by the US Trade Representative and appointed by the President

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: On Friday, US President Joe Biden welcomed two Indian-Americans, Flex CEO Revathi Advaith and CEO Manish Bapna of the Natural Resources Defence Council, to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. Advaithi’s Flex is “the global manufacturing partner of choice that helps a diverse customer base design and build products to improve the world”. The Committee includes up to 45 members recommended by the US Trade Representative and appointed by the President.

Advaithi had been responsible for creating Flex’s direction and leading Flex in a transformative manufacturing endeavour, as stated by the White House. She also held roles at Eaton’s electrical sector, Americas, and Honeywell. She holds positions on the boards of directors of Uber and Catalyst.org. 

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She became one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business for four consecutive years, was the Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum and the Advanced Manufacturing CEO Community, and became a part of the WEF Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders. 

President and CEO of the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), Manish Bapna has been a stalwart figure during the important environmental events of the last 50 years by taking care in providing efficient and strategic solutions to poverty and climate change. He has been the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the World Resources Institute, which prioritizes human development in relation to the environment, for more than a decade. 

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Before pursuing a role in advocacy, Bapna took jobs at McKinsey & Company and the World Bank. The overall policy advice of the US Trade Representative in light of matters concerning development, implementation, and administration would be initiated by 14 people on the Advisory Committee.

Some of the important objectives of these committee members include haggling roles before getting into trade agreements, the impact of executing trade agreements, the smooth working of the trade agreement that has already been entered, etc., as per the White House.

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