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Black Clover Movie is Ready to Receive a New Update Very Soon 

Black Clover bagged a movie announcement in March 2021

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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JAPAN: Black Clover Fans gear up yourself! The fan-favorite anime title will soon receive a new update regarding the much-awaited movie. The announcement about the highly anticipated feature created a wave of excitement among anime fans. 

Since the news regarding a Black Clover film first surfaced last year, fans’ excitement skyrocketed. After the film’s announcement was shared with the public the makers also dropped a promotional video in March 2022. Along with the short promo, the film also bagged a release date scheduled for 2023. 

The Black Clover official Twitter handle shared the announcement

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The title follows Yuki Tabata’s manga series, Black Cover, first published in February 2015. The manga showcases the journey of a teen orphan boy named Asta who aims to gain the prestigious mantle of Wizard King. Studio Pierrot, famous for the Naruto series, developed the anime series in October 2017. The anime title currently consists of 32 manga volumes and 170 episodes in the series.

The official Twitter handle of Black Clover shared that the upcoming film will soon receive a new update within a week. Though it has not been clear what new information will be unveiled, fans can expect the news at any point this week. It can be speculated that the anime feature might reveal voice actors, the release date, key visuals, or a teaser. The announcement came out on the anime series’ 5th anniversary since its debut in 2017.

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The Black Clover anime aired its 170th and final episode on March 30, 2021, which left fans with an engaging adaptation of the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc. Following that, the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc started with two episodes, but the series ended in the midst of the most intriguing arc. However, the series may have ended, but there is more to Asta’s adventure in the story. In March 2021, the makers announced the film adaptation of the anime series.

If we keep aside the anime, the manga has progressed way ahead of the TV series in terms of storyline. Currently, Arc 11 is ongoing in the manga, which has revealed one of the biggest plot twists in the title. The upcoming chapters are all set to unveil more information on Yami’s character.

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