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Brexit Not Responsible for the Long Queues at Dover, Says Suella Braverman

Meanwhile, the home secretary said operations at the French border had been “very good” since Brexit

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED KINGDOM: Suella Braverman has said that Brexit has nothing to do with the delays at the port of Dover. Some passengers have said that they had to wait in line for up to 14 hours to get their passports checked. In light of clearing the backlogs by lunchtime, additional sailings were placed overnight on Sunday following a deadly incident that was announced on Friday at the port.

Brexit, according to port chief executive Doug Bannister, was to blame for the longer border processing time. “There will be improvements which are made. People will get slicker at reading passports, get slicker at lodging paperwork and checking paperwork. But we are in a different trading regime,” he mentioned. 

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On Sunday, the home secretary mentioned, “No, I don’t think that’s fair to say that this has been an adverse effect of Brexit. We’ve had many years now since leaving the European Union, and there have been, on the whole, very good operations and processes at the border.” 

“At acute times where there is a lot of pressure crossing the Channel, whether that’s on tunnels or ferries, then I think there’s always going to be a backup. I just urge everybody to be a bit patient while the ferry companies work their way through the backlog,” she added. 

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Braverman responded when asked if this incident would repeat every school holiday now that situations at the border have stabilised. “We’ve got a particular combination of factors that have occurred at this moment in time,” she added. 

Braverman constantly blamed the “bad weather,” ignoring the situation at Dover. She said, “I sympathise with families and schoolchildren who are trying to get to France for their Easter holidays. Nobody wants to be waiting hours overnight at Dover in a coach.” 

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She said that the parting with the European Union was not the factor at play, but that “we left with a government that made big promises and once again didn’t deliver.” 

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