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CAKE Introduces Åik E-bike: A Functional and Sustainable Option for Urban Commuters

The Åik will begin shipping in May 2023 and is currently available for pre-sale

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

SWEDEN: CAKE, a well-known Swedish company to fans of electric two-wheelers that produce lightweight electric mopeds and motorcycles over the past few years, launched the Åik, its latest offering.

The Åik is a capable electric off-roader that is a cross between a mountain bike and a motocross bike but in electric form. 

CAKE is notable for electric bikes like the Ösa, a rugged and practical bike that can also double as a workbench and Kalk, an electric version of a hybrid between a mountain and motocross bike. 

The Swedish manufacturer recently introduced the Åik, a pedal-assisted electric bicycle, into the beginner-friendly segment of its already impressive selection of electric two-wheelers. 

Since the name “Åik” loosely translates to “big and heavy load,” the buyers would expect this electric two-wheeler to be able to carry such a load.

The Åik can hold around 80 kilograms, with 20 kilograms on the front and 60 kilograms on the back.

The modular aluminium frame can be attached to various racks, bags, trailers, baskets, and even a passenger seat. 

Additionally, the Åik can be fitted with up to three lockable 750Wh batteries, giving it a potential range of up to 224 miles and a total capacity of 2.25 kWh.

There are two street-legal versions of the CAKE Åik; It comes with a 500W throttle and mid-drive motor with a maximum power of 1000W and a top speed of 20 miles per hour, as standard in the United States. 

In contrast, pedal assist alone is available in Europe, but a 250W motor powers it with a 500W peak output and a maximum speed of 16 mph.

The e-bike can start rolling under a heavy load with 100Nm of torque, regardless of trim level. 

The Enviolo Extreme CVP hub gearbox provides faultless automated shifting support. Hydraulic disc brakes with four pistons on the front and rear wheels provide strong stopping power to the bike. 

Although the electric bike doesn’t feature a built-in suspension, its substantial 20 x 3-inch tires will cushion any bumps.

It’s also important to remember that the Åik is part of CAKE’s Work line and comes with extras designed to make it easier to use the bike for the work commute. 

The Åik is compatible with the CAKE App and CAKE Fleet Management App thanks to its GPS, Bluetooth, and GSM telematics device.

The Åik will begin shipping in May 2023 and is currently available for pre-sale for USD 6,470.

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