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Canadian Police Unable to Recover Bodies of Murdered Indigenous Women

This statement has left the daughters of one victim heartbroken and irate

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CANADA: Canadian police have stated that they lack the resources to search a landfill for the bodies of two indigenous women allegedly murdered by a serial killer.

This statement has left the daughters of one victim “heartbroken” and “irate”.

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Marcedes Myran, Morgan Harris, Rebecca Contois, and a fourth lady who they had not named were believed to have been killed by an alleged serial murderer, Winnipeg police said last week.

They also said they were suspected of being the victims of a ‘serial killer’. Winnipeg police have accused Jeremy Skibicki of being responsible for their killings.

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However, the likelihood that the victims’ remains won’t be found has caused the family to express their surprise and frustration.

At a press conference on Tuesday in Ottawa, Cambria Harris stated, “They say they can’t search because it’s unfeasible. Is human life not feasible?”. Her family was devastated to learn earlier this week through a PowerPoint presentation that police would not search even though they thought her mother Morgan’s remains were at a nearby landfill.

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The victims needed a final resting place, according to Harris, and it couldn’t be a dump.

When meeting with lawmakers and government representatives in the nation’s capital with her sister Cambria, Kera Harris referred to the situation as “unfair.”

Investigators suspect the remains of Marcedes Myran and Morgan Beatrice Harris are in Prairie Green Landfill, some seven miles north of Winnipeg, rather than the Brady Landfill, where Rebecca Contois’ bones were discovered earlier this year, chief Danny Smyth told reporters on Tuesday.

According to Smyth, the city’s forensic squad concluded in June that there was “no hope” of finding the women’s bodies without a specific place to start looking. Police made the “tough decision” not to search due to safety risks as well as the magnitude of the waste.

Investigators promptly shut down the Brady Landfill after realizing that Contois’ remains might have been there over the summer, but not before 100 truckloads of trash had been dumped there.

However, 34 days had passed between when the victims’ remains were discarded and when authorities discovered there might be further victims at Prairie Green.

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