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American Artist Response To The Black Lives Matter Movement

UNITED STATES - Paintings, installations, and other artworks play a huge part in the Black Lives Matter protests, which are giving birth to a...

J. Cole’s New Single Dictates His Perspective On The Black Lives Matter Movement

USA, Fayetteville - American Rapper J.Cole surprised his fans by dropping a new single called "Snow On Tha Buff" on Tuesday where he addressed...

Community Living – Heritage Locked In The Pols

Pols are perfect examples of closely knit community living

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Employers Cannot Discriminate Against Gay and Transgender Individuals

USA, Washington D.C. – The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision on Monday, June 15, holding that an employer cannot discriminate against an...

Covid-19 Affects Circumcision in Kenya

KENYA. Kenya is a country made up of 44 tribes. Each tribe has its own culture. The Luhya community (Bukusu sub-tribe) circumcises their sons...

The Philippines Anti-Terrorism Bill, Risk for Rights and Freedom

President Rodrigo Duterte calls to certify the House Bill 6875 as urgent. The Philippine President wants a stronger policy against terrorism. Citizens and different sectors feared that this bill will risk the rights and freedom of the Filipino people.

Muslim Woman Defies Tradition and Rewrites Nikah Nama

As a law student, Zafar understood the weight of a contract, and she was adamant about making her nikah nama a reflection of her and her fiancé’s values rather than those of “a culture which asks you to bow down to the patriarchal norms.”

Exclusive Footage From Kabul Mosque Blast, Four People Have Been Killed

Afganistan, Kabul - Four persons together with the prayer leader were killed and some others hors de combat as a blast ripped through a...

L’Hospitalet De Llobregat International Film Festival in Europe For Rising Artists, Says ‘Festival Director Darwin Reina’

Spain, Barcelona - Darwin Reina created his directorial debut with the short film, named Jaska The Killer in 2013. Thereafter, he has continued leading...

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