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Thursday, September 21, 2023

COVID Freshly Emerged in China, Eastern Cities Tightens COVID Curbs

The new outbreak of Corona muddled China, eastern part of China, “Anhui” carrying out daily nucleic acid tests on 763,000 locked down residents

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CHINA: A fresh new surge in COVID-19 cases emerged in China, especially in the eastern part. “Anhui”, the eastern part of China, reported 270 cases, the majority of the 380 domestic cases, including 41 symptomatic ones, reported by the mainland on Monday. According to reports, “Beijing”, the capital of China, has reduced the quarantine period to 10 from 14 days.

The mass scale of testing campaigns and strict isolation norms are being followed. New cases were reported soon after the government had controlled Shanghai’s early summer epidemic to boost domestic travel during the summer holidays.

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A total of 339 local asymptomatic carriers were newly identified on Sunday, including 258 in Anhui and 52 in Jiangsu. Authorities in Anhui announced mandatory nucleic acid tests for its residents for three consecutive days, starting from Monday.

In Sixian, nearly 22,600 people were put under quarantine, and 22,320 isolation rooms had been put into operation. According to the Xinhua news agency, from June 26 to July 3, 134 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 724 asymptomatic carriers were recorded in Anhui; 132 confirmed cases were from Sixian county, Suzhou City.

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The country is the last major economy deemed to have a zero-COVID strategy, responding to all cases with strict isolation orders and tough testing campaigns. Sixian and Lingbi announced lockdowns the previous week, with more than 1.7 million residents only permitted to leave their houses after being tested.

New footage shows mass testing in the streets and people standing in a queue. China’s international isolation has also encouraged many foreign businesses and families with the financial means to make exit plans. This will undoubtedly harm the economy of China devastatingly.

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