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Delhi Horror: Autopsy Report Shows Fatal Injuries Caused Victim’s Death, Details Inside

The autopsy of the deceased revealed that the major causes of death were "severe shock and cerebral haemorrhage"

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INDIA: Anjali Singh’s body was pulled behind the car colliding with her as she rode her scooter back from work in the early hours of January 1 for around six miles. The victim’s scratched, naked body, which had been cruelly dragged for hours, was eventually found in the Sultanpuri neighbourhood of Delhi.

Anjali’s back had been entirely severed when the body was discovered, and it was in a terrible state. The incident was executed by five young drunk men under police custody. 

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The autopsy of the deceased revealed that the major causes of death were “severe shock and cerebral haemorrhage as a result of antemortem injuries to the skull, spine, left femur, and lower extremities,” according to the MAMC board, who performed the autopsy.

“In the normal run of nature, any number of injuries could result in death. However, in the normal course of nature, injuries to the skull, spine, long bones, and other ailments can result in death both singly and collectively,” the board added.

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However, MAMC has informed the Delhi Police about the deceased’s missing “brain matter”“Her ribs have stricken out from the back of the chest, and the grinding effects on the ribs present with the sharpening of the chest,” they reported.

The final reports claimed a significant fracture in the spine of Anjali in the lumbar region. 

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According to a source, “Anjali’s internal examination has revealed that the scalp (was) avulsed and hanging irregularly, smudged with mud and dirt. Her skull cranial cavity (was) open, with a grinding effect at the margins bones, presenting the bones vault fracture from the sutural ends and missing. Fracture of the base of the skull (was) present. Pleural cavity (was) both open with an exposition of both the lungs.” 

The deceased’s family had previously said that she had been physically exploited. The postmortem report, meanwhile, dismissed any claims of sexual assault.

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