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Friday, July 12, 2024

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia’s Residence under CBI Radar for Liquor License Case

Along with Sisodia, former Delhi Excise Commissioner Arava Gopi Krishna's house was also raided

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INDIA. Delhi: The Central Probe agency raided 21 locations in connection to the ongoing investigation for irregularities in the Delhi Excise Policy. The following raids include the houses of former Delhi Excise Commissioner Arava Gopi Krishna along with Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

The Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal highly appreciates this inspection process. He said the ongoing process would run smoothly without any obstruction. 

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The Delhi Chief Minister made an ambiguous statement to the BJP, saying, “The entire world is talking about Delhi’s education and health model. They (the BJP) want to put a stop to it. That is why Delhi’s health and education ministers have been raided and arrested.”

Informing about the ongoing raid, Sisodia took to his Twitter and wrote, “The CBI is here. They are welcome. We are extremely honest and determined to make the future of millions of children. Unfortunately, those who do good work in our country are harassed like this. That is why our country has not yet become number one.”

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 “The CM is very much in favour of the raid because he is very sure that nothing will ultimately come out.”

So he tweeted, “The day Delhi’s Education model was appreciated, and Manish Sisodia’s photo appeared on the front page of America’s biggest newspaper NYT, the Centre sent the CBI at the residence of Manish. “CBI is welcome. Will extend full cooperation. Earlier also, there were raids and probes. Nothing came out. Nothing will come out now also.”

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This entire raid falls weeks after Manish Sisodia informed the Central probe that former lieutenant governor Anil Baijal unexpectedly changed his stance on opening liquor shops at many unauthorised places. 

As he put it, “The former LG had previously approved the cabinet’s policy, but that decision was later reversed. This resulted in losses totaling thousands of crores. Why was this choice made? I hope the CBI conducts a fair probe.”

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