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Dr. Stone S3 Key Visual Out: Senku and the Team Embarks on a New Adventure

Dr. Stone Season 3 will air in the Spring of 2023

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JAPAN: Kingdom of Science is here! Dr. Stone gears up to return with more mind-blowing science experiments. Senku and the team are back with a new update for the upcoming season.

Dr. Stone is based on Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi’s manga of the same name, published from 2017 to 2022. Inagaki penned the gripping story with a fusion of science and adventure.

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On the other hand, Boichi illustrated the visual treat manga scenes. TMS Entertainment developed the TV anime series in 2019.

The story chronicles an unknown flare from space petrifying almost every human being on Earth. Following the entire world struck in a stone statute, young and determined science genius Senku Ishigami on one fateful day frees himself by de-petrifying.

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Senku then frees his friends and later embarks on a mission to help humankind to evolve from the stone age to the modern age.

Dr. Stone Season 3 bags adventurous key visual

The official handle of the anime unveiled the brand-new key visual for the upcoming season. The poster showcases Senku and the team on a wooden ship. The entire science crew appears to be sailing toward an island.

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The image features Senku in the center, with Chrome on the front as usual excited to explore the island. Gen Asagiri is also spotted in his iconic purple attire. Kohaku is standing behind Senku. She appears to be curious about what mysteries lurk in the unknown place.

Ryusui Nanami gains the spotlight with the sailor hat. He can be seen on the extreme right pointing his hand toward the island. The key visual has a grandiose feel with a stunning blend of vibrant colors, as seen in the anime series. The poster reads, “Dr. STONE NEW WORLD.”  

The tweet from the official handle also provides another update for Dr. Stone Season 3. The anime is set to arrive in the Spring of 2023.

Till now, the anime series has received two seasons and one television special.

Watch order for anime series

  • Season 1 (2019): 24 episodes
  • Season 2 (2021): 11 episodes
  • TV Special Ryusui (2022)

For the unknown, Dr. Stone Ryusui lands as a TV Special addition, and yes, it is canon to the series. The story of the special episode takes place between the events of Season 2 and Season 3.

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