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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Protests Erupt in France after Fatal Police Shooting of Teenager, over 400 Arrested

The Police stations, town halls, and schools were set on fire, resulting in massive outrage

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FRANCE: The intractable crowd of France has upheld protest against the France police team as a 17-year-old teenage delivery driver was fatally shot by a police officer during a traffic stop. The incident took place in Nanterre, a suburban area of Paris.

The deceased was identified as Nael M. The Police stations, town halls, and schools were set on fire, resulting in massive outrage. Moreover, residents set fire to barricades, bursting firecrackers at the police. Now, as confirmed by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, more than 400 people have been arrested across France linked to the ferocity.

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The act was described as “inexplicable and inexcusable” by President of France, Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday. He also made an appeal for peace amid the ensuing chaos.

Now, three towns, including Paris, Clamart, Compiègne, and Neuilly-sur-Marne, have imposed full or partial nighttime curfews. According to a police intelligence report that was leaked to French media, there would be a lot of urban violence in the upcoming evenings.

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A video of the incident shows two officers standing next to the automobile, with one of them opening fire into the window as the car started to move. Nael M. passed away at the scene from his gunshot wound when the car collided with a nearby post.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for the officer accused of the shooting said he had offered an apology to the teen’s family. According to the lawyer, the first words the officer (accused) pronounced were to say sorry and the last words he said were to say sorry to the family.

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The lawyer went on to say that the officer (accused) is devastated and doesn’t get up in the morning to kill people.

According to the attorney, the cop initially intended to shoot at the driver’s knee but was bumped, forcing him to shoot at his chest.

The attorney added that although the driver had to be stopped, it was clear that the officer didn’t wish to shoot him, and that his client’s detention was being utilised to try to disperse rioters.

The officer, aged 38, was subjected to a formal investigation for voluntary homicide on Thursday. In Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions, this is tantamount to being charged.

In the meantime, tear gas and grenades are used by the police authorities to reestablish peace in the city.

Another crisis ministerial meeting will be presided over by Emmanuel Macron as the French government seeks to quell an upsurge in discontent that has moved from housing estates throughout the nation to the heart of major cities following the police shooting of a teenager earlier this week.

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