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Georgia Becomes the 1st US State to Pass the Resolution Condemning Hinduphobia

The achievement was made possible by the Atlanta chapter of the Coalition of Hindus of North America

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UNITED STATES: The United States of America’s Georgia Assembly has passed a resolution condemning Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu bigotry. 

Georgia passes resolution condemning Hinduphobia

This is the first time that a foreign country is accepting the legislative measure calling it the world’s largest and oldest religion, with over 1.2 billion adherents in over 100 countries.

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According to the judgment, Hinduism comprises a wide range of diverse traditions and belief systems that share principles such as acceptance, mutual respect, and harmony.

The resolution was brought to the table by Representatives Lauren McDonald and Todd Jones. Both the representatives are from Forsyth County in the suburbs of Atlanta, which is the home to one of the largest Hindu and Indian-American communities in Georgia. 

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The resolution also accepted the fact that the American-Hindu community has immense contributions to diversified sectors such as medicine, technology, science and engineering, hospitality, finance, academics, manufacturing, energy, and retail trade, among others. 

India’s call upon Yoga, ayurveda, and meditation has been the oldest remedies to fight anxiety, depression, and major health concerns. Besides this, food, music, and arts have been a major part of the lifestyle in Hinduism, widely adopted in American society and influencing many lives of millions. 

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The achievement was made possible by the Atlanta chapter of the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA).  Thus, the first-ever Hindu Advocacy Day was organised by CoHNA. It took place on March 22 at the Georgia State Capitol.

Meanwhile, Rajeev Menon, CoHNA vice president, said, “It was an honour to work with Representatives McDonald and Jones, as well as other legislators who assisted us through the entire process of getting this County Resolution passed.”

Further, he went on to say, “We also learned that despite working long hours due to the number of legislative topics on the agenda, all of the MPs agreed to join us at the Advocacy Day to demonstrate how much they love the Hindu community.”

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