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Germany: Attack on Jehovah’s Witness Hall Kills 7, Injures Dozens More

The reason for Hamburg shooting is still unknown

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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GERMANY: On Thursday around 9 p.m., a shooting at the Jehovah’s Witness centre in Hamburg killed 7 people and injured dozens.

As per cops, the gunman has been thought to be dead for attack on Jehovah’s Witness Hall, and the reason for such a killing is still unknown. Another source reported that 25 people were wounded, of whom 8 had serious injuries.

Jehovah’s Witness Hall attack

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Approximately 175,000 people in Germany are Jehovah’s Witnesses, with 3,800 belonging in Hamburg. The Mayor of Hamburg added, in light of these killings, “I send my sincere condolences to the victims’ families. Authorities are moving quickly to find the offenders and determine their backgrounds.”

Heiko Sander of a television news company said that the cops were grounded as soon as they heard the bullets fired. Evacuation efforts ensued, with the police evacuating a pregnant woman among many others.

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As soon as the attack was over, a police spokesperson said, “We have no indications of a perpetrator on the run.” They discovered a “lifeless person, whom they believed could be a perpetrator.”

Several streets were sealed off in the GrossBorstel district of the city, and the public was warned not to trespass in the area as per the Hamburg police.

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The police said initial investigations reveal that shots were fired inside a church on Deelbögestrasse in the GrossBorstel neighbourhood. Many suffered critical injuries, some fatally. We have a large police presence on the scene.

Lara Bauch, a 23-year-old witness, mentioned that she heard “about four firing periods. Many bullets were fired during these times, spaced from 20 to 1 minute apart.”

She observed “a person sprinting frantically from the ground floor to the first floor of the Jehovah’s Witnesses” when she peered out the window.

Germany has a history of mass shootings that have taken place in the past, including when a radical, far-right extremist killed 10 people and wounded five in February 2020 in Hanau.

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