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Gordon Moore: Co-founder of Intel and Semiconductor Trailblazer Dies at 94

Gordon was also responsible for the creation of Moore’s Law

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UNITED STATES: Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel Corp. and a pioneer in the semiconductor industry whose law, known as Moore’s Law, foretold a long-term rise in computing power, died in Hawaii at 94 years of age.

Gordan Moore passed away

In the 1950s, Moore began researching semiconductors and co-founded the Intel Company. He predicted in a study published 20 years before the start of the computer revolution that integrated circuits would result in “such wonders as home computers, or at least terminals connected to a central computer, automatic controls for cars, and personal portable communications equipment.”

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Memory chips had a rapid decline in price and increase in efficiency following the publication of Moore’s article in 1965. He joined the Fairchild Semiconductor lab after receiving his PhD, which produced integrated circuits and transistors that were practical from a business standpoint.

The development of personal computers, Apple, Facebook, and Google were all made possible because of Moore’s efforts, which also contributed significantly to global technological evolution.

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The co-founder of Intel devoted his later existence to philanthropy. He and his wife, Betty, founded a charity that championed environmental concerns and undertook initiatives such as preserving salmon streams in the United States, Canada, and Russia.

From 1975 to 1979 and 1987 to 1993, he served as executive president. Before 1997, Moore served as chairman and chief executive of the company.

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According to Intel’s current CEO Pat Gelsinger, the co-founder of Intel defined the technology sector with his foresight and vision and served as an inspiration to innovators and businesspeople for decades.

The co-founder of Intel was honoured by the company’s current CEO, Pat Gelsinger.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was seen quoting in his tweet, “The world lost a giant in Gordon Moore, who was one of Silicon Valley’s founding fathers and a true visionary who helped pave the way for the technological revolution. All of us who followed him owe him a debt of gratitude. May he rest in peace.”

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