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A Gunman Kills 3 Women, Including a Friend of PM Giorgia Meloni

The suspect is a 57-year-old local man who is currently in custody

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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ITALY: A friend of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and two other women were killed in a cafe in northern Rome when a man opened fire on a local block’s residents’ committee meeting, leaving four other people injured.

Following the shooting in a meeting held at a cafe in the city’s Fidene area, the suspect was subdued by other locals.

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The suspect, a 57-year-old local man, is in custody and has a history of conflicts with several committee board members, the report says.

The vice president of the committee, Luciana Ciorba, was at the cafe during the shooting, Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper stated.

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She said that the shooter entered the club on Sunday while yelling “I’ll kill you all” before pulling a gun. He was apparently overpowered by local residents before being arrested by police.

Nicoletta Golisano, a friend of the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, was identified as one of the murdered. Elisabetta Silenzi and Sabina Sperandio were identified as the two other deceased women.

Giorgia Meloni offered her condolences to the Golisano family

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Meloni expressed her sympathy to the Golisano family in an Instagram post, writing that she will always remember her buddy as “beautiful and happy.”

She described Nicoletta as “a powerful and frail woman at the same time, a protective mother, a true and discreet friend.” She further added, “It is not right to die like this.”

The shooting also injured four other people, at least one of whom was seriously injured.

Meloni also disclosed that a shooting range from which the suspect is suspected of stealing the weapon used in the incident had been shut down and was the subject of an inquiry.

Although the suspect has been identified by the Italian press, the police have not yet made any statements regarding the suspect’s intentions. Nothing suggests that the attack was politically motivated.

Rome’s mayor, Roberto Gualtieri, called the shooting a “grave episode of violence” and said he is calling an emergency security meeting on Monday.

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