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IAS Tina Dabi’s Eviction Order on Govt Land in Rajasthan Left 150 Pak Hindu Migrants Homeless

Dabi stated that the refugees were given prior notices to vacate the land, but they refused to cooperate

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INDIA: In a recent update, over 50 houses of Pakistani Hindu migrants living in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer were reportedly bulldozed following the orders of IAS officer Tina Dabi. The houses were in the Amar Sagar area, about 4 km from Jaisalmer district headquarters. 

This led to a protest by putting up tents outside Tina Dabi’s office. As per reports, the drastic step was taken amid the residents staying in their illegal houses on the banks of the Amar Sagar Pond, causing a disturbance in the inflow of water to the pond, which later stopped. Now, the action is executed by the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT).

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Now, the action impacted the 150 women, men, and children who had been left homeless within hours. 

In defence of the action taken by IAS Tina Dabi said, “Arrangements have been made for their stay and food in night shelters. However, no directives from the state government have been issued addressing the rehabilitation of such Pakistani migrants who do not have Indian citizenship. In this case, we can make them stay in temporary night shelters for the time being.”

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The senior lady officer also stated that the refugees were given prior notices to vacate the land, but they refused to cooperate. 

Further, Tina Dabi stated, “The displaced Pakistanis were misled and duped into coming here by some land mafias and middlemen. On multiple occasions, we have sent notices to the displaced individuals.”

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Kishanraj Bhil, one of the victims of the demolition, stated, “Our Kalla Crusher Bhil settlement was entirely destroyed. We were devastated in Pakistan before moving to India and are now equally ruined here. We also presented our request during the public hearing.”

“But it didn’t happen. The UIT issued a notice to quit the settlement on Monday night, and after that, the encroachments were removed, but nothing has been done for our resettlement,” he added. 

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