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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

India Accused Of Attack On Stock Exchange

Pakistan´s Prime Minister claims the objective was to destabilize the country's economy

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PAKISTAN. Islamabad. Pakistan sees India’s hands behind the terrorist attack that took place on Monday 29 June in the country’s business epicenter, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), which is in the commercial hub of Karachi. Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the parliament on Tuesday, made a clear statement claiming India was involved in the militant attack.

There´s suspicion of India´s involvement. “We believe without a shadow of a doubt that India is behind this attack. The terrorists were heavily armed. Their primary aim was to take the people present inside the PSX as hostages,” the prime minister stated. He further added that his cabinet had been informed by intelligence agencies that a series of attacks were on their way. “Our agencies already preempted at least four terrorist attacks in the last two months”, said Khan, adding that their objective was to create a wave of uncertainty and instability in the country. He claimed that foiling this attack was their biggest achievement.

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Kahn paid homage to the martyred police sub-inspector Shahid Ali and PSX security guards Khudayar, Iftikhar, and Hasan Ali. The men lost their lives while protecting the building from the militants. The prime minister gave a glowing tribute to the martyrs and declared them heroes of the nation. He also lauded the role of intelligence agencies for their prompt response to the national security threat.

(From L to R) Martyred Sub-Inspector Shahid Ali, security guard Iftikhar, security guard Khudayar. – Picture Credit (@Twitter)

A glaring need for reforms within institutions. In the wake of the attack, Pakistan’s Prime Minister once again took a firm stand on bringing reforms to the institutions of the country. Speaking out about the recent corruption reports in the power sector, Khan said drastic changes have become obligatory. “I’m making it clear that we are fully prepared to make substantial changes in every sector. I know the status quo will react to these changes, but we are committed to tying them up forever”, he said while addressing the parliament.

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