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Indian Embassy in Sao Tome and Principe Celebrates 75th Independence Day

Ambassador Raghu Gururaj said that India has made incredible strides in the previous 40 years to restructure its economy

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SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: On August 15, the Indian Embassy in Sao Tome cheerfully and enthusiastically observed India’s 75th Independence Day on its grounds. Over 50 representatives of the Indian Diaspora, government officials, and Friends of India were present.

Ambassador Raghu Gururaj read the President of India, Droupadi Murmu’s speech stating that this day symbolised the end of colonial authority in 1947 and the start of India’s formation as a free country.

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“India has made incredible strides in the previous 40 years to restructure its economy and lay the foundation for its future as a significant digital power with a strong knowledge economy,” the ambassador said.

He also stated that a series of economic reforms initiated by the Government is leading India on the path of self-reliance and to realize the full potential of its 1.3 billion people.

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Ever since the resident Indian Embassy was established in Sao Tome last year, bilateral relations between India and Sao Tome have been deepened. In the last year, bilateral trade registered a 38% increase.

Ambassador congratulated the success of the Sao Tome Chess team at the recently held International Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India last week.

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He also announced that a cultural delegation from Sao Tome has been invited to the hospitality of the Indian government, to participate in the Lusophone Cultural Festival to be held in India in September.

A video and a photo exhibition on the freedom movement of India were showcased on the sidelines of the celebration, which aroused a lot of interest.

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