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Modelling And Acting Requires Immense Dedication And Professionalism: Sangita Konar

Sangita is an international beauty pageant winner who has become an inspiration to many women

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Kritika Sodhi
Kritika Sodhi
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CANADA: International model and actress, Sangita Konar was born and brought up in India. Presently, she resides in Calgary, Canada. Sangita was raised in a family of doctors. She has completed a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Studies from Australia. She has had an excellent academics record and has worked hard to pursue her passion.

Notable Achievements

According to her corporate career, Sangita has worked for different modelling and acting organizations. She has worked for various short films and commercials in Canada. Sangita was also featured in the cover of an International France Based Fashion Magazine.

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Along with this, she was also among the ‘Top 7 Model for Heart Of Hollywood Spring Cover Model Contest’ which was held this year. Sangita was crowned the winner in the “Mrs India Alberta Canada 2020- 2021; where she had represented Canada. Since her childhood days, Sangita had admired the Hollywood and Bollywood film industry.

In her interview with Transcontinental Times, she spoke about the support that she has received from her family throughout her life. “My dad taught me three things in life; to dream big, to follow my passion and stay positive and optimistic.” She added that her mother is an educated woman and a strong feminist who has being a pillar of strength for her. “My mother has always inspired me to follow my passion and dream,” Sangita said.

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Sangita has an attractive personality with a great sense of style and fashion. She has taken her professional training in modelling and acting from Canada, Australia and the U.S..

Women empowerment

While talking about the global issues, Sangita emphasized on the lack of education and women in technology as sensitivity concerning issues. Being an educated woman, education has always been an important factor in her life. “Education helps to develop self-esteem and helps one to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, many kids are denied access to basic education especially girls. Fortunately, there are many organizations that work directly with the issue of providing education to the underprivileged,” she said.

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Sangita added that participation of women in technology is important as it is a sensitive issue. “Women in the field of technology empower fellow girls and women to excel in science & technology. Belonging to a family of doctors I believe that global health care can be improved by study, research, and practice of medicine with a focus on improving healthcare worldwide,” she said.

She further talked about how social entrepreneurship brings a positive impact on society. Talking about this, she said, “Social entrepreneurship goes looks beyond the profit-generating race. They utilize the latest technologies and are driven to create an impact that will improve our lives and environment in future.”

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Given her numerous achievements and commendable works, Sangita has inspired many people around the world. A message that she wants to give to all the young people who are willing to follow in her footsteps is that if one has a true passion for modelling and the film industry then they must follow their heart. “For a successful model and artist hard work is required. Models and artists have hectic working hours and often requires travelling too. People need to look beyond the glitter attached to this profession, like any other profession it requires immense dedication and professionalism.”  


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