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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Iranian Police Fire at Metro Station, Assaults a Woman on a Train

Social media users posted videos of people fleeing the scene as police opened fire on a crowded platform

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IRAN: As demonstrations against Mahsa Amini’s death reached their third month, Iranian security agents shot at protesters in a Tehran metro station and thrashed women who did not cover their heads as required.

Social media users posted videos of people fleeing the scene as police opened fire on a crowded platform, several of whom fell and were trampled.

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Additionally, police were captured on camera marching through carriages and striking women with batons.

Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman of Kurdish descent, passed away on September 16 while being held by the morality police after being detained for allegedly breaking Iran’s strict dress code for women.

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On Tuesday, protest organizers announced three days of action to remember the “Bloody November” of 2019, when hundreds of people died protesting an increase in fuel prices.

In metro stations, protesters have also been heard yelling and torching headscarves. Six individuals were reported dead in nighttime skirmishes around the nation by Agence France-Presse.

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In the summer, when there was a crackdown on women’s clothes, metro stations and public transportation, which are frequently patrolled by the morality police, were turned into locations of state aggression and monitoring of female people.

“The government intends to use face recognition technology to target women captured on public transportation security cameras,” according to a statement made by Mohammad Saleh Hashemi Golpayegani. Golpayegani is the secretary of Iran’s headquarters for promoting virtue and preventing vice, at the beginning of September.

State media reported on Wednesday that a market in the city of Izeh, in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, had been the scene of a terrorist attack that claimed at least five lives.

Most of Khuzestan’s ethnic Arab minority has joined the protests brought on by Amini’s passing. According to a local official, Valiollah Hayati, “five people were killed in the terrorist attack, including one child, one woman, and three men.”

Two members of Iran’s volunteer Basij militia were among those murdered, according to the news agency.

According to a local news agency, anti-government protestors set fire to the seminary school in Izeh.

Social media videos posted the burning structure and the sound of gunfire. It was impossible to confirm the specifics of how persons had passed away.

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