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July 4 Mass Shooting: Cops Arrest Suspected Shooter, Six Dead

So, far 19 of the 25 patients who suffered gunshots have been treated and discharged

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UNITED STATES: Robert E. Crimo III was taken into custody by US authorities on Monday following a mass shooting in the Highland Park neighbourhood of Chicago that left six people dead and 30 injured. Police detained him close to Lake Forest, Illinois.

Crimo was observed by a North Chicago policeman, who then attempted a traffic stop. After giving the policeman a brief pursuit, Crimo was apprehended.

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He continues to be a “person of interest,” according to the authorities, who are connecting him to the scene. As a result of the shooting, Independence Day celebrations in nearby cities came to an abrupt end, causing a manhunt to be started throughout the Chicagoland area.

The Highland Park incident happened 41 kilometres north of Chicago, just as the Central Avenue march of participants was getting started.

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“The shooter left evidence of using firearms on the rooftop of a business near the shooting. The shooter used a ladder attached to the building on a wall in an alley to access the roof,” police officials said

The weapon used to shoot at the parade attendees was a “high-powered rifle,” according to Christopher Covelli, a spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, and the attack was “random and planned.”

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Authorities have begun the process of tracing the firearm to find out who purchased it and its origins.

SWAT team members and other officers stationed nearby removed occupants of neighbouring buildings who were within a specific distance of the incident.

According to Highland Park Fire Chief Joe Schrage, 23 individuals were evacuated to hospitals by the fire department, and additional injured people were driven there by police cars or witnesses in their own automobiles.

Around five kids suffered injuries. At the Highland Park Hospital, there were 26 patients receiving care, ranging in age from 8 to 85.

So, far 19 of the 25 patients who suffered gunshots have been treated and discharged.

On July 4 itself, there were three incidents of mass shootings in Virginia, Chicago, and Highland Park.

The mass shooting is one of several high-profile shootings that have sparked public outrage in the wake of racist mass shootings that left 10 people dead in a New York supermarket by an 18-year-old and 19 pupils and two instructors dead in a mass shooting in Texas by another 18-year-old.

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