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Kathy Hochul’s New Initiative: New York Bans Pet Stores from the Retail Sale of Dog, Cat and Rabbits

Kathy Hochul's new initiative will come into effect in 2024

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UNITED STATES: In the latest development, the New York government passed a revolutionary law according to which, pet shops will not be able to buy or sell animals like Dogs, Cats and Rabbits, instead they can work in offering shelters to abandoned animals up for adoption.

Buying and selling pets has grown into a large-scale industry

The initiative is taken by Gov. Kathy Hochul and will come into effect in 2024. There are many encountered incidents where commercial breeding operations run smoothly resulting in  “puppy mills”.

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A Democrat, Michael Gianaris, said, “This is a huge deal. New York is a major purchaser and profiteer of these mills, and we are attempting to cut down retail demand.”

In 2017, California became the first state to prohibit such sales. Maryland will similarly prohibit the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores beginning in 2020. More countries must now enact the law.

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Buying and selling pets has become a large-scale business, which is also an inhumane act. Emilio Ortiz, a manager at Citipups pet shop in New York City, said, “We sell dogs for 90% of our company, and we’re not going to survive this.” “They’re closing the good actors alongside the bad actors,” he added.

However, according to reports, the new rule will have no effect or disruption on at-home breeders who sell animals born and nurtured on their land. It is mostly for individuals who do this for profit and end up endangering the lives of innocent dogs.

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Laying support for the new law, Lisa Haney, who breeds dogs at her Buffalo home with her husband, said “One pet store close to me receives dogs from various large facilities throughout the Midwest, and you have no idea where they come from or who the breeder is. People take the puppy because they are so clueless.”

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