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Labor Leader Keir Starmer Supports Rishi Sunak Attack Ad

Keir said that the Labour Party has been a “party of law and order once again”

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED KINGDOM: Critics of Labour’s attack ad that accused PM Rishi Sunak of not criminalising child sex abusers and putting them in jail were openly refused by Keir Starmer, who says that he supports “every word” that he said and that he makes “absolutely zero apologies” for the ad that has created a lot of provocations from his own party. 

An image beside Sunak’s photo reads, “Do you think adults convicted of sexually assaulting children should go to prison?” Rishi Sunak doesn’t.” Magistrates and judges have the sole responsibility to manage sentences, not the Prime Minister. 

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Tory polling guru Lord Hayward stated, “Some in the Tory party will want to retaliate, but the party would be very ill-advised if they did so.” “Getting down and dirty would damage Sunak’s reputation as a nice, competent guy.”

Senior voices, including former home secretary Lord David Blunkett, requested for the initial commercial to be deleted amid discomfort among the frontbenchers, asserting that Labour is superior to “gutter” politics. Keir stood by the ad, but he avoided “to just stand by or avoid calling this what it is.”

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He condemned the Conservatives for putting the economy, the NHS, and the criminal justice system on a “road of collapse” over the past ten years. He reiterates that criminals who commit rapistries, burglaries, and thefts are not being jailed. He says, “Rishi Sunak and successive Tory governments have let criminals get away with it because they don’t get it,” adding, “They have never lived in those neighbourhoods, they don’t understand people’s lives, they have never walked in those shoes.” I have.”

“I make absolutely zero apologies for being blunt about this. “I stand by every word Labour has said on the subject, no matter how squeamish it might make some feel,” Keir added. 

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Keir said that the Labour Party has been a “party of law and order once again” that ensures efficient working of the police force, manages court efficiency, and dwindles violence against women and children. “But it will also have zero tolerance for those who tolerate crime.” It’s time to get serious. It’s time for the excuses to end. “Time for change,” he says. 

The attack ads, according to a report on Monday, would continue, but on another topic that stated that Sunak would consider a 2,000-pound rise in council taxes “acceptable” and that people paying more for mortgages are “right.”

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