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Friday, September 22, 2023

Kevin Spacey Cleared of Sexual Assault Charges

The verdict was reached after a six-year period of allegations of inappropriate behaviour against Spacey

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UNITED STATES: A jury in Britain found actor Kevin Spacey, known for his roles in films and TV shows like “House of Cards,” not guilty of nine sexual assault charges.

The verdict was reached after a six-year period of allegations of inappropriate behaviour against Spacey. The Southwark Crown Court verdict took over 12 hours.

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Kevin Spacey appeared emotionless as he addressed the jury during the verdict of “not guilty.” He cried and sighed in relief upon receiving the verdict. He was dressed in a dark blue suit.

Following the decision, Spacey left the courthouse, shaking hands with jurors and kissing security guards. He made a brief speech to reporters, expressing gratitude for the jury’s careful consideration of the evidence. He was humbled by the result and expressed gratitude for the jury’s time.

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The court heard testimony from four complainants who said that Spacey assaulted them from 2001 to 2013 during the trial in London. The actor served as the Old Vic theatre’s artistic director for the majority of that time.

The British police received a complaint that Spacey repeatedly touched him against his will. When they were travelling to Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, the complainant claimed the actor once grabbed his genitalia so forcefully that he nearly ran off the road in either 2004 or 2005.

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Kevin Spacey testified in the trial, claiming a mutually agreed-upon “naughty relationship.” He was “crushed” by the complainant’s descriptions of their interactions. Elton John testified for Spacey’s defence, stating that he attended his event once in 2001, many years before the accuser claimed to have been molested.

A complainant contacted Spacey in hopes of becoming his mentor and went for a drink at his London residence. After dozing off, he woke up to see Spacey performing oral sex on him. The man left as if he regretted the experience. 

Spacey’s attorney, Patrick Gibbs, claimed that three of the complainants were lying and only levelled charges in the hope of making money. Spacey was “quite an easy target” for false accusations because of his promiscuous lifestyle, Gibbs said.

In 2022, actor Anthony Rapp sued Spacey for battery after he crawled on top of him in 1986. A federal jury in Manhattan ruled Spacey not responsible. Despite the decision, Spacey’s career remains uncertain.

In an interview with a media portal, Kevin Spacey announced plans to resume acting after being exonerated of the charges. He believes there are people ready to recruit him as soon as he is exonerated.

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