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Battle of ‘Modi Surname’: Lalit Modi Shares Grandparents’ Pics after Congress’ ‘Thief’ Remark

Lalit Modi assured of filing a law suit against Rahul Gandhi next week, later to give an interview

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INDIA: The battle of the ‘Modi surname’ is still going on a high note, joining the interest businessmen Lalit Modi issues an open threat to Congress member Rahul Gandhi over his 2019 remark upon the Modi community.

Meanwhile, Congress leader KC Venugopal addressed Lalit as “a ‘global scammer’ who has permanently shifted abroad under the shelter of the BJP.”

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Thus, Venugopal raised their voice, saying, “Will the pressure be put on Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya etc., to file a case against Rahul Gandhi?”

Lalit Modi posted a series of pictures of his grandparents, Raibahadur Gujarmal Modi and Dayawari Modi, over his Twitter handle and wrote that they had dedicated their lives to the poor and built a grand empire.

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“Modi Nagar was my birthplace, and Raibahadur Gujarmal Modi and Dayawati Modi were unique people,” Lalit Modi’s grandparents were also awarded Padma Bhushan for their work towards society.

Moreover, Lalit was bombarded with questions like why he left India and settled in the UK, to which he answered, “Obviously they don’t realize I co-own with my siblings a highly profitable business over ₹30,000 crores and always have….”

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He further stated that he would file a lawsuit against Rahul Gandhi next week and will follow up with an interview, as media reports are continually asking for a one-to-one conversation on screen.

A Surat court has found Congress member Rahul Gandhi guilty of making the remark, “How come all thieves have Modi surname in common,” in 2019 while running for the Lok Parliament in Karnataka.

Purnesh Modi, a minister of Gujarat, filed the lawsuit. The conviction that led to Rahul Gandhi’s expulsion from the Lok Sabha is being challenged by the Congress in court.

In a recent update, Rahul Gandhi refused to apologize for his comment, which the Modi community condemned.

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