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Lawsuit Seeks White Woman’s Arrest in Emmett Till Kidnapping

Last June, a team doing research at the courthouse in Leflore County, Mississippi, found an unserved 1955 arrest warrant for Carolyn Bryant

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UNITED STATES: A lawsuit was filed by the family of Emmett Till calling for the detention of the white woman whose alleged actions contributed to the kidnapping, torturing, and death of the black boy, 14, over 70 years ago.

To force Ricky Banks, the sheriff of Leflore County, Mississippi, to execute an arrest warrant from 1955 against Carolyn Bryant Donham, who was then listed on the record as “Mrs Roy Bryant,” Till’s cousin Patricia Sterling filed a federal lawsuit against him earlier this week.

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The arrest warrant was located in a Mississippi courthouse basement last year by a team looking for material related to Till’s lynching. Members of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation and a couple of the squad’s namesake’s kin were on the team.

When Donham, who was 21 then, accused Till of making obscene remarks and groping her in a family grocery shop in Money, Mississippi, he was visiting family in Mississippi at the time.

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According to reports, a woman, likely Donham, provided the kidnappers and murderers with information.

After giving Till a brutal beating, his assailants dumped his body in a river. A few days after his kidnapping, his damaged and deformed corpse was later discovered in a river.

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Mamie Till Mobley, Till’s mother, decided to leave her son’s casket open during his Chicago funeral, which in turn sparked outrage across the country and fueled the civil rights movement.

According to the unfulfilled 1955 arrest warrant, Donham, her then-husband Roy Bryant, and her brother-in-law J.W. Milam were all accused of kidnapping Till.

Public information regarding Donham’s arrest warrant was made available at the time. The Leflore County sheriff at the time reportedly told reporters he did not want to “bother” Donham because she had two young children to take care of.

A few months after being cleared of murder by a white-only jury after being tried for the crime, Bryant and Milam admitted to killing Till in a magazine interview. They both passed away later.

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