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Lawyer and Author Bojana Bogojevic Addresses Importance of Climate Change and Sustainable Development 

Bojana Bogojevic became a refugee from a small town in Gorazde in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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SERBIA: In an exclusive interview with TCT, Lawyer, Specialist for Corporate Governance, Humanitarian, and multiple times International Awardee Bojana Bogojevic talks about her struggles as a refugee and stresses how sustainable development can make a positive impact on the environment. 

As a legal and corporate advisor for many popular companies in private and public sectors and universities, she ensures showing the best endeavours to initiate practical approaches to protect the client’s interests. 

Bojana narrates her life journey

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Bojana Bogojevic became a refugee from a small town in Gorazde in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to a civil war in the previously existing Yugoslavia. As a refugee, she faced gruesome mobbing, bullying, and days when she was left devoid of food. 

Bojana says, “Due to that, today I have several food items that I do not eat and some products I do not use because those were products only available when I was a refugee. My mother was struggling to find a job and to return our property in the nowadays Bosnia and Herzegovina town of Gorazde, which was occupied by another to us unknown person.” 

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She also adds that they were almost devoid of a house due to her incapacity to get a lawyer. This sparked a sense of motif in Bogojevic as she understood the importance of Humanitarian spirits and was devoted to helping people get assistance in any form she could provide. 

Bojana adds, “So I will say the crucial moment is me being a refugee and my mother’s fight to provide us with food, pay bills and find a job. She is a Professor of Serbian language and literature, and due to work in schools and second and third job, she is almost blind today.” 

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She was exposed to immense panic attacks and agoraphobia due to her traumatic past. Still, with efficient time usage, she decided to explore the world and use resources that would aid her in implementing positive growth.

She says, “I created a very readable and professional Blog devoted to Law, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. Very fast, the Blog became well known by useful and professional articles, and I became a brand thanks to my knowledge and willingness to provide free counselling.”

After this, she gained the spotlight as she was approached by various media companies worldwide that wanted to publish her articles. A TV show filmed in 2019 showed her concern over climate change and her willingness to bring a positive change. 

Some important topics she covered as a lecturer and a keynote speaker are Law, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change. She co-authored three books on law, corporate governance, success and leadership. 

Bojana highlights, “I wrote songs for two International Poetry Anthology. In 2022 I was chosen to be presented in the book 30 Shining Stars of the World.” 

Bogojevic loves to gain knowledge and learn every day. A few days back, she was awarded the Global Woman in Business and Leadership Award 2023 by the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade. She enjoys her work because she gets to witness people live happy lives with all the security they are entitled to.

Bojana says, “When you survive everything I survived, you realise that the only certainties in our lives are what we have in our hearts and heads. Everything else is readily taken away from us. Every aspect of it appeals to me.”

It is important to have a passion for certain things in life, and her friends are aware of her passion, and they motivate each other to achieve bigger goals. Having time for important activities in life is crucial, and so is accommodating priorities like indulging in reading, sports, meditation and learning. 

Bojana Bogojevic believes in the potential of turning the darkest moments to light through fruitful endeavours. She lost her father when she was only one year old; her mother has been her biggest inspiration. 

She states, “She is a fighter, always ready to make steps forward no matter if she puts her feet in mud or grass.” Her grandfather has taught her never to dwell on her past, and with her mother’s and grandfather’s support and inspiration, she could soar to impossible heights. 

In her final address to the readers, Bogojevic mentions that learning about sustainable development is crucial to implementing change. She mentions, “Change is inevitable. Do not be afraid of change because, in every ending, there is a new beginning.” 

Bojana stresses the importance of believing in one’s dreams and aspirations. She says, “Find your passion, feed it regularly with new knowledge and always try to find a way to use it to create something good and valuable to your society and country.” 

Bojana also tells the readers to be kind and humble as “the biggest civilization was ruined by greed.” She infers that “knowledge is a gem of a tool, and its proper usage can create significant positive changes in the world.” 

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