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Leamanah Achievers Awards “Season 2” Organised to Honour Mission-Driven Changemakers

Vijay Chaudhary unveiled "MR. & MS. PRIDE 2023" by the Pride Group of Hotels

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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INDIA. Delhi: Leamanah Achievers Awards season 2 made a big splash again on February 4, 2023, when Mr. and Mrs. Pride 2023 was released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ram Rattan Group. The event was held at EROS Delhi, bringing together individuals of different backgrounds—educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, and activists—to recognize, appreciate, and honour them for their extraordinary work.

Vijay Chaudhary unveiled “MR. & MS. PRIDE 2023” by the Pride Group of Hotels. The RRG team also received acclaim for its superior quality, customer support, and ethical business practises as it awarded businesses as “hospitality leaders.”

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Anu Singh Bagal, founder and managing director of AB Conducting and Leamanah, launched this platform to go the extra mile to acknowledge and honour the efforts of industry experts, such as deserving individuals, brands, and organisations that impose positive impact on people’s lives, empowering individuals and communities to do more to contribute to society.

(left) Chairman of RRG Vijay Chaudhary with founder of AB Consulting Anu Singh Bagal. Photo Credit: TCT

“We are thankful to Mr. Vijay Chaudhary (Chairman of RRG and Board member of Leamanah and AB Consulting) to announce Season 3 of the Leamanah Awards in 2023,” said Anu Singh Bagal.

The Global Hospitality Face of Leamanah & Chief Guest: Vipul Mohan

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Vipul Mohan, manager of Radisson Resort Goa (Baga), was the global hospitality face of Leamanah and a VIP guest to honour the awardees of 2023. 

“Many congratulations to our GM Vipul Mohan on receiving the GLOBAL HOSPITALITY FACE Award!” wrote Radisson Resort Goa Baga on LinkedIn.

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“Thank you ‘Leamanah’ Ms. Anu Singh Bagal (Founder), & ‘Ram Rattan Group’ Mr. Vijay Chaudhary (Chairman), for bestowing this honorary award. Thanks to Chief Guest Ms. Seema Raj (Chief Commissioner IRS) for honoring this award in the presence of Mr. Vinay Choudhary (BJP Spokesperson Delhi),” the statement of the resort continued.

Real Estate Icon of Leamanah: Simple Arora 

Simple Arora, one of the most prominent figures in real estate, was recognized as the ‘Real Estate Icon of Leamanah’. She is a certified fitness counsellor and also a passionate, spiritual being.

Global Sikh icon of Leamanah: Jaideep Singh

Jaideep Singh was recognized as the ‘Global Sikh icon of Leamanah’. He is an actor, the owner of Sameric Music, and also the host of the TV reality show The Real Khiladi: Season 4, which broadcasts on ChardiklaTime TV.

Mrs. Leamanah 2023: Pratibha Grewal Chaudhary 

Pratibha Grewal Chaudhary was launched as ‘Mrs. Leamanah 2023’. She is a national director, Mrs. India Beauty Queen, Femina Miss India Finalist Coordinator, and Mrs. Universe India.

Monika Sindhi was launched as Leamanah’s icon. Team Khyber Resort Gulmarg was awarded for its best services to the hospitality industry. An award was also given to the teams: Pagoda, Centurion, and Troupers for launching them into the market. Team Noormahal received the best wedding destination in the hospitality industry.

“With our core team: Mr. Amit Sidana (the global face of AB Consulting), Dr. Shilpi Singh (the global brand ambassador of AB Consulting), and Tanushree Ms. Leamanah, we are thankful to all our associate partners,” said the founder of Leamanah.

The associate partners of Leamanah by AB Consulting are Transcontinental Times, Eros Hotel Nehru Place, Pride Group of Hotels, Core N Pure, Noormahal, Red Dot Gits, Etroupers, Gem Mines, and a few more.

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