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Nidhivan: A Mystical Forest in Vrindavan

Let's explore the magical enigmas shrouded in the 'Prem Bhoomi' of Lord Krishna—Nidhivan

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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INDIA: Nidhivan, a temple in Vrindavan, the holy place where Krishna was born, has a sense of magic or mystery about it. Nidhivan, one of the most sacred sites, has heard hearsay that Lord Krishna visits here every night and that he performs Ras Leela every single night.

Nidivan means “forest of Tulsi,” as it is a combination of two Hindi words, Nidhi and Van, where Nidhi means tulsi and Van means forest. It is the most famous place that shows how Radha, Krishna, and their gopis like to have fun.

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Pictorial representation of Raas Leela in Nidhivan. Photo Credit: Twitter/Nidhik

The wonderful thing about the forest is that it has unusually hollow and short trees with twisted and tangled branches that tend downward, and nothing can be found here in the name of life, but it is fully covered in greenery that stays all year around. And also, the Tulsi plants here are found in pairs.

Nidhivan, which holds many divine mysteries, is the most popular place to visit in Vrindavan, or the Prem Bhumi of Lord Krishna. Every day, thousands of devotees and tourists come to see Nidhivan. Let’s delve into some of the magical enigmas shrouded in Nidhivan.

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The mysterious Nidhivan 

After 7 p.m., the Nidhivan temple’s doors and windows are shut, and no one is allowed to enter the premises after that. Not even birds or animals can be seen after dusk, as it is said that they flee from the area as well. The legend says that anyone who attempted to stay at the temple at night died, lost their vision, became deaf, or turned insane. 

Legend says that every night, Lord Krishna came here and dressed and adorned his beloved Radha with his own hands inside the Rang Mahal. And at night, a divine dance takes place.

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Many devotees believe that Nidhivan still sees Radha and Krishna’s Raslila (dance) at night in the Rang Mahal and that no one is allowed to stay in the Nidhivan after the sacred arti ritual. It is also believed that while the divine performance takes place, all the trees become gopis and dance with Lord Radha and Lord Krishna.

Rang Mahal

Nidhivan has one palace, known as Rang Mahal. A sandalwood bed is prepared every night for Lord Krishna in the Mahal. The priest of the temple put a holy water-filled jar next to the bed, along with four sweet laddoos, two toothbrushes, paan leaves, a saree, and a few bangles.

It is a matter of belief that in the morning the bed looks like someone has slept on it, and even the other things seem used and scattered, adding mystery to the temple.

Trees of Nidhivan

Nidhivan is a dense, lush green forest that spreads over 2.5 acres and is surrounded by many trees, mostly tulsi. The size and form of the trees covering this area are another of Nidhivan’s enigmatic characteristics. The short branches are entangled with one another. The size and height of every tree are the same. 

People think that the trees represent the Gopis and that the way they grow together shows how much they love each other. There are no insects or bird nests in the branches. The sacred site and the tree are thought to be Lord Krishna’s favourites. 

Along with it, Nidhivan’s basic plant—tulsi—is found in pairs. Devotees said that these trees change into Gopis at night and become a part of the Ras Leela. And after the performance, they took on the shape of trees again. No one is permitted to take those plants home, and if someone steals them, they suffer various consequences.

Famous historians and scientists have gone to Vrindavan to figure out what’s going on there, but they came back empty-handed and sure that it’s the Lord’s home.

Nidhivan’s well

In the vicinity of Nidhivan is a well that is said to have been constructed by Lord Krishna with his flute to quench the thirst of his beloved Radha. Some people have said that they have also heard the sound of ghungroos at night.

People who have tried to solve this mystery have been severely punished, but it’s hard to say that this is just a part of human fantasy.

Rock Garden

The rock garden, where the footprints of young Krishna and his calf can still be seen in the mountains, is another mystery that surrounds the area. And it is believed that huge mountains melted down into rocks after hearing Krishna’s melodious flute tunes.

Because of this story, devotees from all over the world visit Nidhivan to visit the ‘Prem Bhoomi’ of Lord Krishna. It undoubtedly draws a large number of Krishna’s followers, leading to massively flourishing tourism in the place.

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