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Leatt Launches HydraDri EVO Enduro-specific Motorcycle Boots for Off-road Enthusiasts

Leatt's latest riding boot boasts 20,000 millimetres of water resistance

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

SOUTH AFRICA: Leatt, a South African company specialising in off-road gear, has added a new product to its lineup of off-road-specific motorcycle boots. 

Leatt unveils 4.5 motorcycle boots

The company based in South Africa, introduced new motorcycle boots in its upcoming lineup. The new addition to the 4.5 series is the HydraDri EVO enduro-specific model, designed for adventure and enduro riders looking for a boot that offers maximum protection and waterproofing.

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The HydraDri EVO liner, the boot’s unique feature, is rated for up to 20,000 millimetres of water resistance, making it perfect for riders who love to ride in any weather condition. 

The boot remains breathable, allowing sweat and hot air to escape and preventing riders from feeling uncomfortable during long rides.

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The boot is built with protection in mind, with shin armour, toe armour, ankle protection, and heel protection, among others. 

Leatt understands that accidents happen, and the company has designed the boot to prevent injuries to the feet and lower leg, even during the most challenging spills. Leatt’s block sole is another feature that makes the boot stand out. 

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The sole provides ample traction on muddy roads, providing adequate grip when walking or pushing their motorcycles. The feature is handy for riders traversing challenging terrain or pushing their bikes through difficult areas.

The HydraDri EVO boot comes in two colours, black and cactus. The cactus-themed colour, with its pop of orange, is sure to catch the attention of riders looking for stylish and functional boots. 

The boots are available for purchase at $389.99, making it a worthwhile investment for any avid off-roader.

Enduro riders and adventure enthusiasts looking for a boot that offers superior protection and waterproofing should check out Leatt’s HydraDri EVO enduro-specific motorcycle boots. 

Leatt’s latest addition to its impressive lineup meets the needs of riders who want a boot that can withstand any weather condition and provide maximum protection during their off-road adventures.

Leatt’s HydraDri EVO enduro-specific motorcycle boots are an excellent investment for any off-road enthusiast looking for a boot that can offer superior protection and waterproofing without sacrificing comfort and breathability. 

The boots are now available for purchase, and riders can choose from the black or cactus colourway to suit their style.

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