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Mayor Of Vigo Abel Caballero Ties In Chess With Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov

The Master Chess exhibition tournament was held in the commercial center Centro Comercial Travesía of Vigo

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SPAIN: On Saturday, September 25, the Mayor of Vigo Abel Caballero and the former world chess champion and Russian grandmaster Anatoly Karpov sealed a technical draw with a handshake.

The Master Chess exhibition tournament was held in the commercial center Centro Comercial Travesía of Vigo, where a dedicated exhibition in the shopping center reflected Karpov’s chess duels and people also enjoyed a game of giant chess set during the entire week. Karpov was invited to play with the kids, and also signed a couple of draws before the tie with the Mayor. At the end of the tournament, Caballero and Karpov presented the prizes between the 40 participants.

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The mayor defined the Russian Grandmaster as “the best chess player in the world,” adding that “winning is impossible”. The mayor also joked that Pedro Sánchez warned him in Salamanca a few days before that he should not even think about beating Karpov.

“You have to be talented to become a great teacher, but there is also a lot of work behind it.”

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— Anatoly Karpov

“I have very good memories of this city. It reminds me of my province, in the Ural Mountains, but with the ocean, a very flattering additional element,” said Karpov about Vigo. As a chess teacher, Karpov also stressed that chess “provides knowledge in a clearer and easier way than pure mathematics, allowing its players to acquire valuable skills for daily life such as time management or making important decisions.”

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In the Live Broadcast, I Gala at the Travesía Master Chess colloquium talk participated Abel Caballero, mayor of Vigo, Leontxo García, one of the most important journalists, lecturers, and commentators in Spain, Inés Prado and Rubén Fernández, young promises of the Galician chess, and Anatoly Karpov, one of the best players in the history of chess.

Catch the Live Broadcast Exhibition games and award ceremony Master Chess Tour, Saturday 25 at 4:30 p.m.


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