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Fashion Model and Entrepreneur Stefany Chang Narrates the Significance of Pursuing Dreams

Chang inferred that "nothing is impossible", and everyone could continue dreaming

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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SPAIN: In an exclusive interview with TCT, Fashion Model, entrepreneur, and luxury fashion retail expert Stefany Chang talks about her experiences as a fashion expert and the importance of pursuing dreams despite obstacles.

Chang lived in three countries when she was only 22 years old. She was born in Venezuela to a Chinese father and a Spanish mother, due to which she gained multicultural influences. 

Chang’s passion for fashion

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Chang’s interest in fashion trespassed bounds for her, making her go beyond her comfort zone. Her arrival in England set grounds for many tribulations in a country amassed with different cultures and people, languages and lifestyles.

Stefany Chang prepared herself and worked assiduously to demonstrate all of her expertise and abilities. She was able to contribute to the management of one of her favourite brands (Versace) at the world’s number one Retail Village, Bicester Village, which is the founder member of a Collection of 11 global shopping destinations that are all home to world-renowned fashion and lifestyle brands.

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Chang is invariably motivated by the strive to attain a better version of herself daily, which can be accomplished by learning from people. She believes that “knowledge is infinite” and that true goals and ambition lie in improving oneself.

She says, “I think the ambition of improving yourself and working on things nobody can’t take out of me as my mindset, knowledge, essence, personality and my entire being is the engine to motivate myself every day.” 

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She, therefore, decided to pursue fashion modelling as a passion. As soon as she reached Madrid, Dolce&Gabbana got in touch with her to be a part of the team with a project initiated with having the first outlet store in Spain.  

Chang is able to balance her roles as a model, luxury retail expert, and beauty pageant contestant with determination, tenacity, and commitment. It hasn’t been simple, given that she seldom has any free time, but she is convinced that anything worthwhile demands some sacrifice before it can be recognised.

It’s not easy for a young woman to live overseas, away from her loved ones, and on her own. Still, she has triumphed over challenges and kept moving ahead to accomplish her goals due to the principles she was brought up with and her parents’ unrestricted affection and trust.

Despite the fact that they live quite a distance away, her parents are always there to support and encourage her, especially her mother, who resides miles away yet never misses to make her feel connected to her.

She states, “Despite being far away from my parents, they are always supporting and cheering me up, especially my mom, who is kilometres away from me but always makes me feel her presence.” 

In her message to the readers, she says she would like to be an example of an indomitable spirit who had started her career from scratch away from home. She says, “Success has no borders, as success is relative and depends on each person’s perspective. We all can be successful in our way.”

Chang has fought all obstacles that came her way. She has also gained much experience by living in three different countries, speaking four languages and catering to two career prospects to understand the cultures and traditions prevalent in that place. 

She highlights, “I have been able to combine and execute simultaneously and also add the fact of being a businesswoman running my own export company at my 22 years old, far away from my birth country and my family.” 

She inferred that “nothing is impossible”, and everyone could continue dreaming and aspiring. She concludes by saying, “Work to improve yourself and be a better version of yourself every day to be able to convert your dreams into goals, then make a plan, overcome obstacles to achieve the goal, and never give up. Limits are inside of ourselves!” 

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