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Modelo 77: Alberto Rodriguez’s Film Is Gearing Up for SSIFF 2022 Release

Modelo 77 will arrive in theatres on September 23, 2022

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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SPAIN: Alberto Rodríguez’s latest film, Modelo 77 (Prison 77), is gearing up for its release. Ahead of the film’s theatrical debut, the Spanish movie will be screened at the 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival (SSIFF). Since the trailer release, the political thriller feature has gotten huge responses from audiences.

Modelo 77 is set to debut at 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival

Modelo 77 is directed by Alberto Rodríguez, known for his thriller films. The filmmaker has earlier directed La peste (12-episode TV series), El hombre de las mil caras (Smoke & Mirrors), and La isla minima (Marshland). Rafael Cobos and Alberto Rodríguez handed the script for the film.

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The political thriller stars Miguel Herrán, widely known for his role as Rio in the Money Heist, plays. Javier Gutiérrez as José Pino also stars at the forefront. Jesús Carroza, Fernando Tejero, Catalina Sopelana, Xavi Sáez, Alfonso Lara, Polo Camino, Víctor Castilla, Iñigo Aranburu, Javier Lago, Edgar Prates, Iñigo de la Iglesia, and Javier Beltrán, also joined the ensemble cast in pivotal roles.

Movistar Plus+ and Atípica Films produced Modelo 77. Buena Vista International will distribute the upcoming film. Julio de la Rosa composed the music while José M. G. Moyano handled the editing. Álex Catalán, popular for his work in Yuli: The Carlos Acosta Story, joined as cinematographer. This isn’t the first time Álex has managed the cinematography in Alberto Rodriguez’s film. The cinematographer previously collaborated with the famed Spanish filmmaker in Marshland (2014).

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A few months ago, Modelo 77 bagged a full-fledged trailer starring Miguel Herrán as Manuel and Javier Gutiérrez as José Pino. Julio de la Rosa’s background music elevates the entire video to an energetic level. Álex Catalán’s cinematography is also evident as a highlighting element.

In July 2022, it was announced that Modelo 77 was selected for the 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival. Now, the Alberto Rodríguez film will be screened at the prestigious movie festival on September 16, 2022. After the SSIFF 2022 screening, the movie will be released in theatres on September 23, 2022.

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Following the theatrical debut, Modelo 77 will be available to stream on Movistar Plus+.

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